VIP Access


Become a VIP to be the first to know about your favorite designers' private sales, announcements, newest collections and more. You will have one-click VIP access to your favorite designers from every page on Boticca.
  1. Create an account and log in

    This takes less than 30 seconds. You can use your email address or sign up with Facebook it's up to you!

  2. Becoming a VIP

    Once you are logged in to Boticca, you can sign up to become a VIP of your favorite designers by clicking on the 'Become My VIP' button next to their profile pictures.

  3. VIP Access

    You will find a shortcut to your favorite designers page in the top right corner of every Boticca page.

  4. Removing a designer

    If you want to remove a designer from your list, simply click on the 'I'm a VIP' link next to his or her profile picture or on the VIP Access page.

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