Charlotte Linton Scarves

London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

The Story

Charlotte Linton is a London based print designer, illustrator and fashion writer. Born in Rochford, Essex, Charlotte studied fashion at Central Saint Martins and printed textiles at The Royal College of Art. In 2009 she launched the Charlotte Linton scarf label producing seasonal collections that draw inspiration from different global geographies.

The scarves each have a strong visual design identity that is largely illustrative, colourful, and suggestive of an ongoing narrative, combining hand drawing with digital print techniques. An obsession with archaeology, ethnography and zoology led to the creation of Charlotte’s fictional muse Ermantrude, a zoologist with a sharp sense of style and an even sharper intellect. The blog ‘Ermantrude’s Travels’ documents her expeditions across the continents as she collects research and field notes. This rich body of imagery will often lend itself to the scarf designs.

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Charlotte Linton has created a universe populated by her characters and stories. Her leading lady is Ermantrude, a traveling zoologist with an eye for style and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.…
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Designer spotlight

Charlotte Linton’s scarves are not simply adornments. Every one of her collections tells a story about a specific place and time. Ermantrude, a stylish, whip smart traveling zoologist (who just happens...
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