Coral - Rose Irregular Prism Necklace - Rose Sphinx - Gold stud earrings Geode Necklace Oyster Cuff - Rose & White Pearl Turtle - Gold charm necklace Prism Ear Studs - Rose Gold Cabinet

The collectors among us delight in assembling arsenals of evocative little treasures. Cabinet Studio’s designer Gemma Critchley aims to create that same feeling with her jewelry. A lover of curio cabinets and antiques, Gemma wants to create pieces that will endure over time and evoke the sense of history that makes antiques so special. Cabinet’s new Coral – Rose pendant has roots in memories of her childhood spent scampering across Caribbean sands, collecting little finds from ever-changing rock pools. “There are so many things unearthed in a northwester storm that may not be solid gold, but I would definitely call treasure,” Gemma says. She was reminded of these memories last year when she returned to the Cayman Islands with her friend Melissa. “We spent almost two weeks scouring the beaches for unusual finds and sources of inspiration that we would document at the end of each day and group into design possibilities,” Gemma says. “[I was] transported back to being seven years old, with that same feeling of anticipation for the next discovery!” The resulting collection is a tightly edited assemblage of warm memories in jewel form. Learn more about the story behind Cabinet.

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