Cabbage is King

Manchester, United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom

The Story

Award winning designer and maker, Greig Alderman founded Cabbage is King in 2011. As a former sociology graduate, Greig wanted to create a brand which challenges the principles of mass production and re-establishes a personal connection between the maker and the customer.

Since conception, Greig has been selected for 3 major national initiatives, supporting ‘the best of new British design talent’, and has been described as being at the ‘forefront of a new wave in British jewellery design’. In the tradition of contemporary art jewellery, Greig’s approach to design is comparable to an artist; his creations intentionally convey a concept or idea, which is beyond and in addition to the inherent beauty of the materials. Each piece can be seen as both a miniature work of art and a precious piece of jewellery. Paint tubes exude colourful rocks and materialist pigs swallow the world as the prosaic and commonplace give rise to the significant and esoteric. Whimsical, humorous, and occasionally ironic, Greig is inspired by a host of cultural phenomenon; including Dada, Science-fiction, satirical cartoons and Mythology. Designer, Greig Alderman reveals a wondrous world, which is quintessentially British and slightly eccentric, where distinct elements combine to create new forms and narratives, exploring the boundaries between fantasy and reality, the mundane and the exotic. Greig has been making jewellery for over a decade, his work is expertly crafted using both traditional and modern technologies, production runs are kept small, ensuring each piece is beautifully made and highly collectable. Greig also creates limited and uniquely individual works, which he describes as curios, existing as objets d’art, of equal vantage displayed as worn. Greig regularly works to commission and exhibits nationally. Cabbage is King jewellery can be found for sale online and through a select number of galleries across the UK.

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