Who wore it better?

With a limited number of ‘it’ dresses and a multitude of celebrities, it’s inevitable that sometimes, shock horror, celebs will be seen in the same ensemble. Here we take a look at these style twins and in a bid to make every look individual, we show you how the help of some unique accessories would win the style war every time.

Nicole Richie Vs. Sarah Carroll

We say:

Donning their summery Keepsake frocks to enjoy the very last of the summer sun in Los Angeles both of this week’s celebrities manage to make this dress totally different. While yellow might not work on everyone, combined with her honey highlights this color really pops on Nicole. Everyone’s favorite fashionista, her studded clutch works perfectly but with the bold bangle on the same arm, the two start to fight for attention. We would swap the bracelet for a bold, gold necklace a la Becky Dockree’s Feathered Angel Wings Necklace.

Flying the flag for blondes is Sarah Carroll looking pretty in pink. Now, while we love her cutie pie simple look, something about it all is just making us a little flat.  First, we would add some Rough Sparkle Stackable Rings Set by Bita Pourtavoosi to fully bring out the beauty of her clutch. Next we would add something to toughen up the look a little, to give it a bit of an edge and nothing is better for this than the Tiger Skin Cuff by Dominique Lucas. Bold yet distinctly feminine, this is the perfect color and effect this dress is calling out for.

So, who wins this time? Nicole, Nicole your style is so effortlessly elegant, you are the winner in our books every time. 

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