Who wore it better?

With a limited number of ‘it’ dresses and a multitude of celebrities, it’s inevitable that sometimes, shock horror, celebs will be seen in the same ensemble. Here we take a look at these style twins and in a bid to make every look individual, we show you how the help of some unique accessories would win the style war every time.

Victoria Beckham vs Eva Longoria

We say:

Although we love the elegant simplicity of this shift dress, we would jazz up the neckline a little with the help of Nan Fusco’s pearl and pink sapphire drop necklace. Admittedly Victoria rarely puts a fashion foot wrong, but we can’t help but think that swapping the heavy tote for an elegant clutch would really win the style war. We love Wilbur&Gussie’s Ruby Brown With Fox Clutch – perfect to add simple elegance to the look. While no one can deny that our two style stars are impeccably turned out, it really does seem that they’ve spent too much time in the make-up chair and not enough in the jewelry box. We would add one more accessory to our list of changers, the Yellow Citrine and Gold Stepping Stone Bracelet by SASKIA B. Elegant yet bold, it would jazz up their A-list wrists perfectly.

So Boticca fans – who wore it better? Leave your comment below.

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