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Style Inspiration: Mette Lindberg

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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Perform In Chicago Illinois

Fashion trends are great for inspiration, but I can’t help but love anyone who breaks all the rules. That’s why I’m a little obsessed with Mette Lindberg, the lead singer of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a band that produces high-energy music that could make a cactus dance. Mette favors head-to-toe sequins, clashing colors, and piles of accessories when she hits the stage, and her voluminous, peroxide-blond hair ensures that she is always the center of attention. She is the perfect leader for this band, which specializes in jazz-infused pop-dance-rock hybrids and calls itself a “many-legged, ever-evolving, constantly moving party machine.” Mette told Grazia how much she loves glitter and gold, so I think she would go crazy for Jennifer Loiselle’s Parfait brooch and Maya Magal’s Gold Druzy ring – as a magpie myself, I can sympathize with her addiction to sparkly things. What do you think of Mette Lindberg’s wild style?

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