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Congratulations to Rebecca Boatfield!

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We have to extend our congratulations to jewelry designer Rebecca Boatfield. Rebecca won the Tresor Paris RAW competition! She found out about it through the Holts Academy and decided to give it a shot. “Winning was amazing, it was definitely unexpected,” Rebecca says. “It’s definitely given me more confidence to work harder and be more creative, I can’t wait to see where this takes me.”

Gold Group Triangle necklace

Rebecca’s piece may be for an established brand, but she managed to create this piece while staying true to some of her favorite design signatures.

Double Triangle Brooch Gold Mirror

“I have a real love for triangles and the shapes and tessellations they create,” Rebecca says, explaining that she wanted to apply her love of triangles to a piece for the Tresor brand. As for Rebecca’s own collection, she works with a mix of materials to achieve unique, often surprising results.

Mr Wolf necklace

“My jewelry collection is inspired by the Art Deco movement and whilst researching my designs I took particular inspiration from the use of triangles,” Rebecca says. “Working with unusual materials is a passion of mine and I love to create gorgeous statement pieces that women love and feel gorgeous in.”

Congratulations, Rebecca! Don’t miss out on this rising star’s collection – see her original pieces here.

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Gift Guide – Girl About Town

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Has your friend got her finger firmly on the fashion pulse? Does she follow every trend and style with aplomb? Then she’s most definitely a Boticca Girl About Town. So, are you stuck for what to buy your favorite fashionista this festive season? Not to fear as Boticca are here with our personalized gift guides.

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Designer Interview – Rebecca Boatfield

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Taking inspiration from the art deco period, Rebecca Boatfield’s jewelry is bold, eye-catching and elegant. Having worked for the likes of jewelry giants such as BexRox and Tatty Devine, Rebecca started her eponymous jewelry line in 2009. Already one of the most well received collections on Boticca, we caught up with the exciting designer to discover just what drives her passion for jewelry. (more…)

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70s Rediscovered

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As we hit mid-summer, one fashion trend that looks set to continue well after our bikinis and suntan lotions have been packed away for another year is the 70’s revival. Taking our cue from the catwalks of Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and Chris Benz, the influence of this exciting and historical decade looks set to run and run.

While many of us may not have actually visited the famous hangout ‘Studio 54,’ that doesn’t stop most of us hankering after a little 70’s magic in our wardrobes.

So unless David Bowie was the first live concert you attended or if you are lucky enough to have parents who kept all those fantastic ensembles, in order to keep up with one of this summer’s hottest fashion trends, it’s time to take a trip back in fashion time and take an intensive course on this ever-present inspiration.

The 70’s were a time of ABBA, hippies, lava lamps, the famous Mohawk haircut, Space Invaders video game and of course time-enduring fashion. From bell-bottoms, fringed just about everything to the ubitiquous denim mini-skirt, it seems something about that era just jarred and now, over 30 years later, it’s influence rages on. So flash forward to 2011 and the latest 70’s revival. This time around we look destined not to embrace the trend head-on, merely skirt around the edges. Patterns are less vivid; colors are more muted, in short, whereas before where impact reigned supreme, this summer it’s time for sophisticated seventies.

So if you’re looking to get a piece of this vintage glam in your wardrobe, Boticca has compiled the perfect how-to seventies guide. Ready? Read on ….

Blame it on the boogie. The 70’s were all about disco fever so look for accessories with a disco edge. Silks, metallics, perspex and sequins are what to watch out for. Try the Gold Group Triangle necklace by Rebecca Boatfield or An Unkindness of Black Ravens by Sarah Home perspex necklace, or be seduced by the true disco vibe of the Cheri beaded purse by blackfrangipani.

Go for boho. When it comes to accessories, it’s time to embrace your inner modern hippie and take a style trip to the prairie. Think bold pendants, gold hoop earings, feather covered earings and turquoise silver bracelets for a look that says more here I am than look at me, this is the 70’s we are talking about, not the 80’s, it’s all about understated chic. Sound good? Then take a look at Anni Jurgenson’s feathered ear cuff, Bita Pourtavoosi’s hammered gold hoops, the Hespera Necklace by Gemma Redux or the Rome cuff by Suzanna Dai.

Learn to love leather. The 70’s saw a veritable love affair with all things leather and this 2011 version is certainly no different. Look to leather beaded bracelets, long leather pendants and leather women’s tote bags galore.  The Leila bag by ana faye will see you effortlessly from day to night and the Turquoise Bracelet in Gold Coated Silver by toosis brilliantly balances both the leather and turquoise trend in one.

Belt it up. Nothing screams 70’s quite like a belt, if ever there was an era for the belt it was then. Keeping true to the whole vibe of the trend, look for belts in a vibrant hue, ideally with sequin detail or embellishment. The crystal Bow Belt by Poupee Couture excellently nails this trend on the head.

Pile it on. The 70’s were the start of the era of excess. So when it comes to jewelry, the general rule of thumb is; the more the better.

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Spanish born Maitane Eguizabal leads us wistfully through her Boticca wish list

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While most 17 year olds are still merely trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives, Spanish born Maitane Eguizabal, now 19, was living hers through her fashion focused blog, Style on the Street. Siting Celine, Chloe and the late, great Alexander McQueen as her greatest inspirations, Maitane gives us a taste of her upbeat, romantic style as she takes us through her Boticca wish list.

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Wow Piece of the Week – June 2nd

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Art deco inspired, gold and bold; what’s not to like about this traffic-stoppingly stunning necklace by Rebecca Boatfield?

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