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A Unique Story: Michelle Oh’s Engagement Ring

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Photo credit: Paige Lowe, www.paigelowephoto.com

All of our pieces have a unique story, but when we heard the story behind Michelle Oh’s custom Twig Engagement ring, we just had to share it.

London-based designer Michelle creates a series of rings cast from a lovely twig. “I found the twig and it had sentimental value to me so I hand-molded it into an original ring design which is now immortalized in the rings I make for others through Boticca,” Michelle explains. U.S.-based customer Keith contacted Michelle to ask about turning that ring into a bespoke engagement ring (see one like it here). “My customer had told me that he needed the ring before a specific date as he had already booked and planned a surprise trip to Iceland where he would propose to his then girlfriend, Paige. I was just happy to finish the ring on time!”

Photo credit: Paige Lowe, www.paigelowephoto.com

The rose gold ring (complete with a lilac-blue sapphire to match Paige’s eyes) reached the customer in California in time to cross the Atlantic again with Keith, who kept the ring safely packed away until the perfect moment arrived. And boy did it ever! The recipient (and newly engaged) photographer Paige Lowe told us all about it:

“The trip had already felt like a fairy tale, like I had been dreaming the entire time and then I felt him fumbling around in his pocket for something and he had a ‘huge question to ask me.’ I can’t even remember every word he said because I immediately started crying and picturing flashes of our past memories and future all combined. Apparently, I forgot to say yes because he had to ask again a few moments later, at which point I started shaking him and saying ‘Yes, yes! Of course yes!’”

The proposal was beautiful (see for yourself on Paige’s blog), but there’s another detail Paige mentioned: the ring.

“My mother’s favorite stone is a sapphire and I adore rose gold; the twig band and simple setting could not be any more perfect. It truly is everything I ever wanted in a ring, and he figured it out before I did!”

Of course, this ring helped mark the start of a lifetime of happiness for Paige and Keith, but it also sparked a connection between Paige and Michelle, who connected through Facebook. “I honestly feel like somehow Michelle and I must know each other, in a past life perhaps, because the woman just ‘gets’ me,” Paige says. Apparently, the feeling is mutual. “It’s amazing to think that my ring has traveled there to that place with these two lovely people,” Michelle says. The pair continue to share each other’s work on Facebook.

As for us? We may need a few more tissues to recover from this beautiful story. Don’t forget to check out Paige Lowe’s work here (and if you’re on the West Coast, bookmark her page – she’s an amazing photographer). See more of Michelle Oh’s beautiful jewelry right here on Boticca.

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