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Top Eight this week – October 18th

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Upcycle your Style!

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Can you save the planet and be stylish? Once limited to scratchy shirts made from hemp, ‘green’ fashion has now evolved into a hot topic in the fashion world – with labels like People Tree and Edun creating entire collections of environmentally-friendly clothing.

But how do you define ‘green’ fashion? Eco style can mean using materials from ethical or sustainable sources, ensuring that workers are treated in an ethical way, and using and reusing recycled materials. Now green girls are focusing more than ever on where their clothes come from, where and how they’re made, and what they’re made of.

With style icons like Emma Watson the poster girl for People Tree, and Colin Firth’s wife persuading him to wear a recycled suit to the Oscars this year, green fashion has never been cooler! And it’s not just the celebrities who are catching the green bug – London Fashion Week hosts an event called Esthetica showcasing the movement of cutting edge designers committed to working eco sustainably (now in its tenth season), and students at top NY design school Parsons have been working on ‘no waste’ garments.

Just take the current trend for ‘upcycling’ – creating garments out of scraps of material, or reworking ‘rubbish’ or waste material into something new. Livia Firth’s Oscar outfit was exclusively designed by Orsola de Castro of From Somewhere, who used pre-consumer waste of high-end Italian design manufacturers: end-of-roll fabric, discarded silk and organza offcuts, as well as silk chiffon plucked from unfinished petticoats and other cutting process leftovers.

So how to upcycle your own wardrobe? The key is to focus on minimising waste – wearing vintage or second hand clothing, customising old clothes into something new, and buying from stores that have great fair trade or sustainable credentials is a good start. And there’s no reason why you can’t stop shopping – just show your support for designers making new clothes out of found objects.

Here are four of our favourite ‘upcycled’ pieces:

The Jackalope Ring

Deer antlers are now regarded as an environmental and sustainable crop – so we were drawn to this unusual ring. Made by a community of jewelers in Portland, Oregon, this ring has been crafted from shed antlers, collected off the ground.

Recycled Cork Belt

A clever use for cork, designer Nyovee has crafted a tough belt out of leather and recycled cork. The pale colour is perfect for Spring.

Apocalyptic Necklace

A romantic necklace of reclaimed and found objects, you’ll find vintage earrings, a vintage watch face, driftwood and bone woven together in one statement piece.

Saako Design Scarf

Is it a necklace? Is it a scarf? This fluid piece can be worn as either. Hand made by a community of Portuguese women using traditional methods of embroidery, and using recycled material, this accessory has seriously green credentials.

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Philadelphia fashionista and graphic designer Kim Pesch opens the New Year with color and sass

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Kim Pesch is the fashion blogger extraordinaire behind eat.sleep.wear. A graphic designer by day, her love for simple, clean and modern design influences her personal style.

But it’s not all minimalism and classic chic. Kim doesn’t take things too seriously when it comes to fashion, and loves to throw in a little ‘rock and roll’ and ‘sass’ into the mix. This makes for stylish reading on her blog.

Forget serious, self-styled snaps, Kim’s blog is a place to ‘experiment, take chances, make mistakes, and just have an amazing time playing with photography and clothes!’

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Swedish Blogging Sensation Amanda Brohman Makes Her Picks

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Amanda with Heidi Mottram's Eel Skin Rutched Strappy bag and Fannie Schiavoni's View 8 necklace

Rising Swedish fashion star, Amanda Brohman, the 16-year-old blogging sensation behind Fröken Fashionista, has drawn a following on both sides of the Atlantic for her refreshing approach to style and exquisite photoshoots.

When she’s not blogging or styling in her native city in northern Sweden, Umeå, Amanda attends a fine arts high school, where she gets to further experiment with fashion in costume design and drama courses. Her main source of inspiration comes from the people she knows, including her incredibly stylish friends, the blogs she follows, and the people she comes across randomly in her daily life.

Amanda is all about exploring the depth of fashion beyond its surface. She views it as one of the great art forms that we get to live and experiment with every day. This is why she loves it so much, and you can see her push the boundaries in every shoot she styles.

We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this bold, ambitious young woman, and in the meantime she has picked her favourite pieces from Boticca’s collection and explained why each accessory inspires her and how she’d wear it. Enjoy!

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