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The magic of monochrome

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While other trends come and go, the effortlessly chic monochrome has stood the tests of time. The lure of black and white has remained a style classic and season after season it’s presence still reigns supreme on a plethora of catwalks. The coming season is certainly no different with designers once again channeling this iconic trend.

As with all style re-births this time around monochrome is of course still in essence monochrome but never before has it had this edge. While we all knew that kids under 16 spend their days glued to the Disney Channel, it seems that some of fashion’s finest have taken followed suit and taken their inspiration from 101 Dalmatians. Yes that’s right, next season your style icon will be Cruella DeVille as Dalmatian print takes over your wardrobe from everything from coats to skirts to even your boots. A highly individual look guaranteed not to be to everyone’s tastes but inspiring and eye-catching nonetheless.

Over here at Boticca we have been completely sold by this new monochrome. You know us; we love anything unique, which is why we are already pairing up our accessories with our new season’s fashion wish lists.

Always the organized fashionista, we have split up our monochromes starting with black. Top of our list is the rubber tape necklace by alienina. Big and bold, it’s ideal to glam up a simple ensemble. The Versailles Necklace by Suzanna Dai and the BLACK QUEEN NECKLACE by Arosha Luigi Taglia come a very close second in the favorite necklace competition.

Moving on to arm candy, Glint’s Pearl Multi-Chain Cluster Bracelet wins the race for it’s sheer Dalamation look, white spots on a black frame hits the nail on the trend head perfectly. Michelle Lowe- Holder’s Loop Cuff and Caipora Jewellery’s champagne bracelet are simply irresistible.   Moving on to earrings, toosis wins hands down with her Black Onyx Faceted Teardrop Earrings followed closely by Nikki Baker and her Sleek Onyx Earrings and St Petersburg Earrings by Suzanna Dai. Finishing with rings, Selda Okutan’s Selection Wedding Ring races to the front of the pile with the Traped Pearl Ring by Madame Framboise and the hundred years of solitude ring by Jolita Jewellery placing themselves firmly on our wish lists.

Finishing our tour through monochrome, we take a look at white. The Laced necklace by Liz Law is a clear winner with First Lady necklace by Orchira and the Complete Cycle 5 necklace by Naomi Mcintosh taking second and third positions.

When it comes to bracelets we couldn’t choose a winner loving the Vitality Charm and Chain Bracelet by Eastern Mystic Jewellery, the CRUMPLED BRACELET in transparent plastic by Arosha Luigi Talia , Nikki Baker’s Goddess Emerald Bracelet.

Moving on to earrings, toosis snatches the prize once again with her Pearl Stud Earrings and Orchira’s Oxford Beauty Blanc and Anni Jurgenson’s Ear cuff with white feathers following closely behind.

Finally monochrome goes ring a ding with the beauty of Arata Fuchi’s White pulverization ring, Orchira’s La Belle Rencontre a Crosica and Bita Pourtavoosi’s Big Chunk of White Ring making it impossible to choose a winner. So there you have it, our top picks for monochrome chic. So when fashion goes dotty next season, you know what to do. For even more picks click here

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Accessories as a work of art

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A few weekends ago I took a trip to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A museum. I have long been a fan of his inspiringly, dramatic, almost architectural designs and their ability to immediately transform the wearer into looking like the most unique, creatively minded person in any given room. This got me thinking of some of the independent designers our style hunters have found for Boticca.

Although of course every piece our designers make has that certain ‘wow’ factor, there are some I come across which just simply stop me in my tracks for clear amount of sheer thought and skill that has gone into it. Items that are, themselves, a work of art in fact.

So in homage to Yohji and indeed to jewelry designers everywhere, I have compiled my list of some of Boticca’s most artistic artisans.

An architectural background gave Orno Jewelry designer Carla Smiley the key inspiration for her highly distinguishable statement jewelry. Launching her first collection at the Society of the Technological Arts in Montreal, Carla draws inspiration from the elaborate geometrical patterns found in Moorish architecture, leading to wonderfully detailed and highly intricate pieces.

Describing her work as ‘wearable drawings’ Naomi McIntosh studied architecture before enrolling at the highly prestigious Central Saint Martins to complete an MA degree in Design. Using the body as a canvas, Naomi’s intricate creations are designed to synchronize with the body, outlining and reshaping the wearer’s profile.

When it comes to artistic endeavors, Jerome Olivet has got to take the lead. Not only is he a professor of prospective design but his works have been so inspiring they have found their way into Denmark’s, New York’s and Tokyo’s museums of modern art. His work for Boticca concentrates on reinventing leather goods to magnify the gesture and the movement of the human body.

Italian born Arosha Luigi Taglia has the rare ability to be able to add painter, sculptor, digital artist, furniture designer as well as of course, jewelry designer to his resume. Now living in Israel, his highly distinguishable designs can be characterized by their sculptural, sophisticated and contemporary look.

And that’s not all folks. From designer necklaces to designer earrings, if art is your thing, we have just the ticket here.

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Celebrating the craft and skill that go into creating fashion

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Craft is back in a big way. And we don’t just mean getting creative with crochet, or trying your hand at sewing. After years of celebrity designers with no formal training, fashion is moving back towards celebrating the craft and skill that goes into creating clothes.

Just take the respect and renewed love for Savile Row in Britain. Men the world over still think of the Row as the only place to get a quality suit made – and with a hundred years or so of history behind its name, and an emphasis on the importance of training to become a tailor, it’s easy to see why. Then there’s respected hat makers like Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy – renowned for their whimsical designs, but also their skill in millinery. And Claire Waight Keller – the woman who transformed Pringle of Scotland from a fusty fashion house, famous for golf jumpers, to a highly desirable label – by using traditional knitting skills and techniques in completely modern ways.

And in the shoe world, one of fashion’s brightest stars is known for his emphasis on the craft and skill behind shoemaking. Training at Cordwainers College in London, Rupert Sanderson believes that the highly specialist techniques he learnt here should be handed down through generations. During a summer trip to visit as many shoe factories, tanneries and last-makers as possible, Rupert honed his craft working with the Italian shoe-making community – and the result are well-made, highly desirable shoes worn by women the world over.

Many of these designers are from the UK – perhaps it’s the very British sensibility of longing to preserve tradition and heritage. But designers from around the world are getting in on the act too. Their Spring/Summer collection featured swathes of Italian lace – inspired by the traditional techniques used to make garments in a Sicilian wedding trousseau (a skill handed down through generations).

Many of our recent designer discoveries have been all about craft and traditional techniques too. Here are a few of our favourites:


Blind Spot Jewellery

The designer behind Blind Spot has had more than an eclectic past. Born in Budapst, Hungary in 1976, his first career was in animal breeding and ethnography – spending his years working with peasants in the fields of Eastern Europe.  After a spell in England as a farm worker and cheese maker, he started to make jewelry to “express myself” when the language barrier became too much. Settling in Italy in a small mountain in the hills of Genoa, he decided jewelry was his calling, and set up a studio. The process behind his forged iron jewels is fascinating. Starting with simple, geometric sketches, he makes cuts on metal with a hacksaw, and then uses heat to bend, twist and stretch the material into beautiful pieces.


Super Duper Hats

One day, a trio of young designers from Italy – Ilaria, Veronica, and Matteo – came into possession of an old wooden hat block shaper. Becoming charmed by the history behind this object, harking back to an older generation of traditional craftsmanship, they decided to learn how to use the hat block themselves. Inspired by the glamour of the Roaring Twenties, mobsters and film noirs, each piece from the SuperDuper range is hand made on the wooden hat block from raw materials, with each designers playing with shapes and volumes to achieve the final result.



This Venice born designer started off selling handmade copper rings and bracelets on the city streets, before attending classes to learn everything from copper engraving to leather-work. After opening a studio selling macramé and leather, he moved to London to learn blacksmithing and metalwork. Then back to Venice, to read up on jewel construction and create the Venetian Goldsmith Association. Settling in the village of Pennabilli, he went on to learn yet more skills, opened a few more shops, taught classes in bone coasting and gold-smithing…and now he brings all those years of experience together to create original jewelry. Using chasing, carving, casting and forging (all traditional techniques), Pennabilli pieces are all made from raw materials – metals and wood.


Naomi Mcintosh

A unique kind of jewelry designer, Naomi uses the skills she learnt as an architect At Central St Martins to create pieces that relate to the anatomy of the body. Thinking of the body as a landscape, Naomi makes her jewelry flexible so that it can move and define spaces around the body, creating unusual shapes and textures. The result? Some surreal sculptural pieces that are guaranteed to make a statement.

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Piece I Love – Feb 9th

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Handpicked by Eva


Naomi Mcintosh’s Skin Cycle 2 necklace takes inspiration from the contours of the body, vibrations and waves. It is designed to be flexible – to adapt to the landscape of the wearer, which creates dynamism and movement.

I love the dark chocolate color of the walnut wood, its warmth and connection with the nature.

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New Year, New You!

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Happy 2011! Still nursing a hangover? Or have you already started hitting the gym?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have started a list of resolutions as long as your arm – and will stick to them, for oh, about two weeks before caving in!

So this year we’ve decided to say goodbye to boring, been-there resolutions (join a gym, eat less chocolate, say no to that extra glass of wine) – and hello to new beginnings! Whether it’s choosing a new career, deciding to start a family, moving to a new area, learning a new skill or even experimenting with a new look – we think a New Year should mean a fresh start – and a New You! Just take these four designers – who turned their lives around – for inspiration.

From a lawyer to an architect, this group of inspiring individuals gave up the security of their current careers, and had the courage to make the move over to fashion design and follow their dreams. Now they get to do what they love for a living! Read their story and be inspired by their bold moves – who knows, it might get you to make a change you never thought you could!

Dirty Hands Jewelry

A true inspiration for anyone who wants to go globe-trotting, Enrique Muthuan arrived in the Big Apple from Argentina with only a law degree and a few words of English under his belt. After working as a lawyer, he decided to trade the courtroom for creating captivating jewelry. Staying true to his roots, his daring designs are inspired by his hometown, Tucaman in Argentina.

Naomi Mcintosh

Proof that great design can translate into any discipline, Naomi trained as an architect and did an MA in design at Central St Martins before setting up her own jewelry label. She now uses her architect’s eye to create ‘wearable drawings’ – sculptural and modern pieces that contour the body.

Alicia Marylin Designs

Alicia started out as a professional actress. But fashion was always her other great love – she spent her childhood rummaging through her grandmother’s extensive jewelry collection, and as an actress she had access to some of the best stylists in the industry. After years of treading the boards, she’s swapped the stage for her Manhattan studio, making unique pieces of jewelry by hand – and has ended up dressing the actresses of today – with Naomi Watts a big fan!

Lizzie McQuade

From fashion stylist to magical milliner! After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005 with a degree in fashion design, Lizzie began her career with Emma Cook as studio manager. She then worked as a stylist for super cool names like Vogue and Dazed and Confused. But after a millinery course, she decided her heart belonged to hats, and started her own line of quirky but feminine headgear, using unexpected fabrics like latex.

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The Round-Up: Week of Nov 29th

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The Round-Up is Boticca’s weekly summary of new designers, new pieces we love as well as happenings on our website and around our community.

New designers

Naomi Mcintosh (London, UK): Naomi is an architect by background and training who has ventured into jewelry design. This background has helped her developer her distinctive and original way of working with walnut wood and acrylic using the body as her landscape.

Le Col Cashmere (Paris, France): Le Col Cashmere is the brainchild of co-founders and designers Ruben Auszenkier and Carl Creange who created a line of tube scarves that quickly became their signature products. The perfect accessory for the winter!

Laura Michaels (New York, USA): By day, Laura Michaels is the CEO of a successful interactive agency. By night, she’s a rock star jewelry designer. It should be no surprise that her pieces have been worn by celebs such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Mickey Rourke and Uma Thurman.

Steven Harkin (London, UK): Australian-born designer and former lecturer at London College of Fashion, Steven Harkin, makes a range of luxury leather handbags with a truly distinctive design signature and contemporary shapes.

Astis (San Francisco, USA): After Brad received original Indian Cree mittens from one of his friends, he teamed up with Charlie to create a line of warm, durable and funky mittens inspired by the Cree. The perfect stylish (and unique) accessories for the upcoming skiing season.

Swathimaa from Shivaloka Soul Jewelry (Bali, Indonesia): Swathimaa is the designer and founder of Shivaloka Soul Jewelry as well as a spiritual healer/teacher. She likes to create objects inspired by India’s ancient spiritual tradition and the sacred bead of Rudraksha.

Sticks & Stones (Portland, USA): Sticks & Stones is a small collective of designers in Portland, Oregon who make limited-run handcrafted accessories primarily out of reclaimed wood. Clean lines, splashes of color and timeless shapes.

5 New Pieces We Love

1. Woven Apart Clutch by Poupee Couture. Why we love it: Poupee Couture’s new collection is as funky as ever.

2. Aolani Black & Blue Chain earrings by Eastern Mystic Jewellery. Why we love them: The charming long, long, layers of delicate chain!

3. Snakewood ring by Sticks & Stones. Why we love it: We love when nature helps our designers in making their art. This South American wood resembles the skin of a snake – hence the name.

4. Kylie Clutch bag by Steven Harkin. Why we love it: Inspired by Kylie Minogue’s make-up in one of her shows.

5. Core Complete 1 necklace by Naomi Mcintosh. Why we love it: We love when design loves the body. This unique necklace follows the contours of the human form. Just be careful: it’s so versatile that your boyfriend just might steal it!

WOW! Piece of the Week

Sacagawea Leather mittens
by Astis. Why: Wonderful, luxurious cold weather pair of mittens for real adventure lovers or just daydreaming fashionistas!

Gift of the Week

Vintage Jewel Box Key 7 pendant
by Laura Michaels. Why: This jewel box vintage key comes with its own gem surprise.


Weekly Theme: Gifts with a Story

Special Occasions: December Gifts Ideas

Designer Close-up: Interview with Arosha Luigi Taglia

Pieces We Love: Video product review of Little Glass Clementine necklaces

We’ll be back next week with more designers, gift ideas and style inspirations. As always, feel free to share your thoughts or make suggestions and recommendations in the comments.

Stay warm and beautiful!

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