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Introducing our new Fashion Editor Poppy Skinner

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Last week, the Boticca team welcomed the lovely Poppy Skinner to the team as our new Fashion Editor. Hailing from the UK, Poppy brings international experience from Emirates Woman and HELLO! magazine in the Middle East, as well as insider knowledge of the London fashion scene from her most recent role writing for Harper’s Bazaar.

We are delighted to have her on board and asked her to indulge us in an interview to kick things off properly. (more…)

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Piece I love – May 16th

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Handpicked by Eliza

I love the powerful design of this statement cuff, and that it takes its wearer on a journey to an iconic castle in Puglia, Italy. It’s undoubtedly a conversation starter.


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Haleh Nia sprinkles her Savoir Flair from one fashion capital to the next with sophistication and audacity

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Haleh Nia is the founder and editor of Savoir Flair, an online fashion magazine based in Dubai, which she set up when she was only 24. The website has amassed a huge global following beyond the Middle East and has even collaborated with the some of the biggest fashion houses and names in the industry. As one of the region’s regulars at the various fashion weeks, this “self-confessed workaholic” makes biannual trips to Milan and Paris, where she meets influential game players and dissects the trends of the season at key fashion shows.

As to her own personal style, Haleh says: “I’m a minimalist at heart, but I love to elevate my ensembles with a few statement pieces. Working in fashion, I naturally gravitate towards head-to-toe black and never wear color – unless you consider white a color. When it comes to jewelry, I’m a sucker for anything bold and beautiful: a huge cocktail ring, a statement necklace, anything goes really. My only rule is… the bigger the better.”

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Wow Piece of the Week – April 28th

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Blueprints as inspiration? LedaOtto has done it! This necklace by the Italian duo is based on the blueprint of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

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Poppy Dinsey from What I Wore Today styles Boticca with her fun, fearless picks

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Poppy interviewing Christopher Kane for WIWT

Poppy Dinsey, the blogging sensation behind What I Wore Today, has been part of the Boticca journey from the very beginning, having been one of our first visitors when we launched. Our team loves her fun, fearless style and personal warmth. We hope you enjoy her guest curation below as much as we do.

Poppy Dinsey, What I Wore Today:

I find my style pretty hard to define, it’s easier for me to say what I don’t like. I can’t do anything too delicate, dainty, girly or prissy, I like things with a bit of edge. The women who inspire me are smart, sexy, know what they want and know how to get it. Kind, well mannered, fun and polite – but they’re not to be messed with. One day (when I’m all grown up Mommy!) I hope to join the ranks of these awesomely fierce women – think Jackie O, Cleopatra, Tyra Banks, Barbarella, Varla (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, Kate from LOST. An eclectic mix? Yeah, but they’re an awesome bunch of girlies. There’s no denying that!

I like big and bold accessories: statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, chunky rings, oversized bags, huge sunglasses. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see me wearing anything flowery and I lean towards gold rather than silver. I love bright colours and leathers and I love chunky rhinestones and studded detailing. I want every accessory to be the start of a conversation, so that makes Boticca a pretty perfect hub of discovery!

I grew up in England and was lucky to spend long summers in France and Spain – Spanish girls definitely know where it’s at when it comes to style. I’ve also spent a lot of time in the Middle East and California, again – I think this has really influenced my style growing up… for the better I hope!

My favourite designers are Christopher Kane, Burberry, Erdem, Holly Fulton, Balmain, Acne, Phillip Lim and Alexander McQueen.

My first love is film and I basically just want to feel like a movie heroine whenever I get dressed for something special. I’m a *huge* fan of Westerns, so anything that has any sort of cowboy feel will be an instant favourite. Guns, skulls, horses, tassels…I love it.

But generally, if it’s big and different then I want it :)

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Designer Interview – Simona Cassai and Marta Saletti from LedaOtto

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Italian design duo LedaOtto’s first collection has quickly become a favorite, celebrated for its fresh, innovative and fearless designs. Simona and Marta, the creative force behind the brand, create pieces based on the blueprints of iconic historical and cultural buildings with high impact materials.

Everything is lovingly made in Italy, but the inspiration comes from all over the world. We sat down with Simona and Marta to learn more about the inspiration behind LedaOtto, their journey as designers and plans for their next collection. This is definitely a creative team to watch! (more…)

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Oscar worthy pieces: I’d rather wear a unique story

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Oscar Inspired Fashion

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Awards season is upon us, and one of the biggest events in the Hollywood calendar – the Oscars -  is just around the corner. But our favourite thing about the Academy Awards, aside from all the gossip and red carpet coverage? It’s who’ll be wearing what.

The Oscars are the ultimate Hollywood Fashion Show – where the red carpet becomes the runway, and with celebrity sites like gofugyourself.com ready to pick up on every fashion faux pas out there, the job of a Hollywood stylist is a notoriously stressful one.

Usually Oscar fashion is all about the frocks – what’s hot and what’s not (with Hollywood stylists making or breaking their career over a certain actresses look) – but the accessories have always played an important part too.

Starlets are famed for piling on the gems to add some glamour to their outfit, with big jewelry houses lending out their best sparklers to Hollywood’s finest – a tradition that goes back to 1944, when Oscar nominee Jennifer Jones was reported to wear a diamond necklace and earrings borrowed from famed Fifth Avenue jeweller, Harry Winston.

Since then, an actress’ accessories have been as important to Oscar fashion as their outfits. In 1970, Elizabeth Taylor made headlines when she wore a 69-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond (a gift from Richard Burton) – and her dress by Edith Head was designed specifically to complement the rare gem (worth three million dollars!).

But her high-end jewels were nothing compared to Oprah Winfrey, who set the record for wearing the most diamonds EVER on stage in 1999 – a whopping $71 million!

Whilst we’re not suggesting you whip out hundreds of dollars of diamonds, this is the month to look to the red carpet for accessories inspiration.

With actresses (and their stylists) more fashion conscious than ever, the red carpet has its very own fashion tribes – from red carpets regulars resplendent in couture, to the up and coming starlets working it in cutting edge designers. So which one will be inspiring your look this month?

Perfectly Pretty

The Actresses: Established and probably up for an award, these young starlets are fashion conscious but don’t want to look to ‘out-there’. With a legion of Hollywood stylists behind them, they need to look acceptance speech ready and avoid, horror of horrors, ending up on the ‘What were they thinking?!’ pages the next day. Wearing a sequined, chiffon or pale toned gown, typical ‘pretty’ girls include Natalie Portman, Emily Blunt, and Anne Hathaway.

The Dress: A predictably pretty couture dress from failsafe designers like Marchesa, Armani Prive, Elie Saab, or Monique L’Hullier. Expect romantic ruffles and perfectly coiffed hair.

Accessorize with…Something simple to offset a fairytale gown. Natalie would love this Swan Ring from Leila Kasahnipour. A Gemma Redux Liz Bracelet adds just the right amount of sparkle, and you can’t go wrong with a Poupee Couture Crystal Clutch.

Effortless Elegance

The Actresses: These red carpet regulars and well-established actresses have been going to Awards Ceremonies for years, and know what works. Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Kate Winslet always manage to pull of an elegant but understated look – nothing to short or revealing, with just the right amount of sparkle. Expect darker tones and long lengths.

The Dress: These ladies stick to designers who know how to flatter a feminine figure – like celebrity favourite Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret, Oscar de la Renta, and Givenchy.

Accessorize with…Something grown up and elegant – minimal and modern jewelry that looks high end. These Arosha Whirling Earrings and Joanna Dahdah ring will complement a chic updo and column gown.

The Fashion Mavericks

The Actresses: Often on the ‘worst dressed’ list, we think these ladies should be commended for trying something different, and not sticking to the cookie cutter Hollywood look. Lovers of avant-garde, conceptual fashion like Tilda Swinton are always one to watch on the red carpet (wearing this season’s Jil Sander straight off the catwalk at the Golden Globes) or truly eclectic dressers like Helena Bonham Carter – who wore mismatched shoes on the red carpet!

The Dress: High fashion, conceptual styles, – designers like Jil Sander, Viktor and Rolf, Vivienne Westwood – or a no-name dress.

Accessorize with…Be a maverick yourself by wearing a bold printed scarf to a glamorous event – tie in your hair or round you neck or waist for an offbeat look. We love Squarelust’s Deer and Green Serpent designs. Wear a wacky cocktail ring on your finger – like this interesting Freehand piece in sterling silver.

Front Row Favourites

The Actresses: Probably the ‘face’ or muse of a design house, these fashion forward starlets are always papped in the latest look, seen at the hottest parties, and regulars on the front row during fashion week. Designers are begging to dress them, so they often hit the red carpet in an on trend ensemble. Stylish ladies like Zoe Saldana, Diane Kruger, Emma Watson, January Jones, Carey Mulligan, and  Marianne Cotillard can be counted on to make an edgier outfit choice than a frothy ball gown.

The Dress: Something fun and edgy but a hot young designer – or whoever they are playing muse to. So for January Jones – Versace, Marianne Cotillard – Dior, Emma Watson – Burberry.

Accessorize with…We can see Blake Lively (Chanel’s new muse) wearing the Black Pearl Necklace by Little Glass Clementine. For something a little more cutting edge, A Leda Otto necklace fits the bill – or a Ram Ring by Leila Kashanipour.

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Grand Designs

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This Spring, we’re thinking sculptural. From Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein’s clean, minimalist collection inspired by modern architecture, to the seriously sculptural shoes and dresses at Alexander McQueen, it seems designers are going back to the drawing board, or looking to today’s most ground-breaking buildings for inspiration.

But this is no one-season wonder – fashion and architecture have long been linked up. With a shared focus on space, volume and shape, a love for high concepts and high drama, it’s no wonder both disciplines influence each other.

Just look at any designer who creates a dramatic silhouette; Vivienne Westwood with her billowing skirts, futuristic Japanese designers like Comme de Garcons and Issey Miyake, or the conceptual pieces created by Hussein Chalayan. More works of art than ready-to-wear, these garments became the subject of an exhibition staged in London a few years ago – ‘Skin and Bones’ – which examined the relationship and shared influences between fashion designers and architects.

Not that architects ever avoid the fashion world. Take Zaha Hadid – the Pulitzer Prize winning architect who has collaborated with Chanel on an exhibition, and designed collections for Lacoste and the Jelly shoe brand Melissa. Then there’s Peter Marino, fashion’s favourite architect – famous for designing stores for luxury labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior.

Even Coco Chanel commented that ‘Fashion is architecture – it is a matter of proportions’. Architectural influences haven’t been lost on independent designers, either – just look at some of the futuristic and forward thinking designs we’ve found on Boticca:

Facet Ring, Orno Jewellery

Designed by an ex-architect, it’s no wonder Orno Jewellery is so sculptural. Her latest pieces are inspired by Moorish architecture, interpreted in fresh and modern ways – our favourite is this Facet Ring.

Jo 32, Jerome Olivet

Looking for unique leather accessories moulded into futuristic forms? Then look no further than Jerome Olivet, who has created a collection of out-of-this-world accessories in ‘fluid shapes’ for ‘nactive life’. ‘Jo 32’ is a tiny bag made for your ipod or mobile phone.

Bracelet Castel del Monte, Leda Otto

Leda Otto has a unique way of gathering inspiration for a collection – she studies architectural blueprints of cultural, historical or religious iconic buildings in Italy. This Bracelet was inspired by the Castel del Monte in the southern region of Puglia.

Broadcast Earpiece, Design and Conquer

Channelling retro but futuristic chic, Design + Conquer’s latest collection was inspired by the graphic design and architecture of Expo ‘67, and the retro-electronic music of Linkwood Family and Tame Impala. This show-stopping orange plastic piece looks stylish pinned into an updo.

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The Round-Up: Week of Dec 13th

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The Round-Up is Boticca’s weekly summary of new designers, new pieces we love as well as happenings on our website and around our community.

New designers

Simona Cassai and Marta Saletti of LedaOtto (Arezzo, Italy): This Italian designing duo proves that inspirations can come from anywhere! Their jewelry designs are based on the blueprints of famous historical buildings and monuments such as Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow or the Castel del Monte in Italy.

Square Lust (Moscow, Russia): Square Lust is a brand of fabulous silk scarves designed by artists Artaksiniya and Fear Konstruktor (who prefer to go by their artistic names). The scarves are characterized by unique, enchanting patterns and to make things better, the pieces are all one-of-a-kind and never reproduced.

Bastian Oppermann of AndTie (Copenhagen, Denmark): “Established on a Friday” by Bastian and a group of friends, AndTie is an innovative brand and concept that has created a unique combination of a scarf and a tie, called the AndTie (of course!).

Morgan Mallett of DESIGN + CONQUER (Calgary, Canada): Drawing inspirations from 1980s sci-fi movies to pretty much everything she finds riveting, Morgan designs are eclectic, organic and idiosyncratically charming. Furthermore, all the pieces in her collection are handmade from custom-fabricated plastic polymers.

5 New Pieces We Love

1. Long Twisted Silver earrings by Larissa Landinez. Why we love them: When the delicacy of a pearl meets the strength of metals, this is where Larissa showcases her talent.

2. Bi-color Slender ring by Arata Fuchi. Why we love it: For those with a more meditative sense of fashion, how can you not fall in love with this slender ring?

3. Castel del Monte bracelet by LedaOtto. Why we love it: this bracelet is based on the blueprint of the famous Castel del Monte 13th century castle in the Apulia region of Italy.

4. Two-Fingered Gold Plated Snake ring by Aiyna Sing. Why we love it: This two-fingered snake ring is perfect for a chic look, with a hint of intrigue and mystique.

5. Dancing Birds Silk scarf by Krista R. Why we love it: the dreamlike pattern and if you listen closely, you’ll hear the murmur of the magical birds.

WOW! Piece of the Week

Selection Wedding Ring by Selda Okutan. Why: for the lucky bride who really wants to be one-of-a-kind!

Gift of the Week

Purple Rain / Pomegranates earrings by Sari Glassman. Why: unique and handmade with love by our resident glass specialist, Sari Glassman.


Weekly Theme: Last Minute Meaningful Gifts

Style Ideas: StyledOn’s Elaine Chang makes her picks

Designer Close-up: Interview with Alice Huang from Mei Vintage

We’ll be back in the New Year with more designers, gift ideas and style inspirations. As always, feel free to share your thoughts or make suggestions and recommendations in the comments.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours from the Boticca team!

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