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This Spring, we’re thinking sculptural. From Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein’s clean, minimalist collection inspired by modern architecture, to the seriously sculptural shoes and dresses at Alexander McQueen, it seems designers are going back to the drawing board, or looking to today’s most ground-breaking buildings for inspiration.

But this is no one-season wonder – fashion and architecture have long been linked up. With a shared focus on space, volume and shape, a love for high concepts and high drama, it’s no wonder both disciplines influence each other.

Just look at any designer who creates a dramatic silhouette; Vivienne Westwood with her billowing skirts, futuristic Japanese designers like Comme de Garcons and Issey Miyake, or the conceptual pieces created by Hussein Chalayan. More works of art than ready-to-wear, these garments became the subject of an exhibition staged in London a few years ago – ‘Skin and Bones’ – which examined the relationship and shared influences between fashion designers and architects.

Not that architects ever avoid the fashion world. Take Zaha Hadid – the Pulitzer Prize winning architect who has collaborated with Chanel on an exhibition, and designed collections for Lacoste and the Jelly shoe brand Melissa. Then there’s Peter Marino, fashion’s favourite architect – famous for designing stores for luxury labels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior.

Even Coco Chanel commented that ‘Fashion is architecture – it is a matter of proportions’. Architectural influences haven’t been lost on independent designers, either – just look at some of the futuristic and forward thinking designs we’ve found on Boticca:

Facet Ring, Orno Jewellery

Designed by an ex-architect, it’s no wonder Orno Jewellery is so sculptural. Her latest pieces are inspired by Moorish architecture, interpreted in fresh and modern ways – our favourite is this Facet Ring.

Jo 32, Jerome Olivet

Looking for unique leather accessories moulded into futuristic forms? Then look no further than Jerome Olivet, who has created a collection of out-of-this-world accessories in ‘fluid shapes’ for ‘nactive life’. ‘Jo 32’ is a tiny bag made for your ipod or mobile phone.

Bracelet Castel del Monte, Leda Otto

Leda Otto has a unique way of gathering inspiration for a collection – she studies architectural blueprints of cultural, historical or religious iconic buildings in Italy. This Bracelet was inspired by the Castel del Monte in the southern region of Puglia.

Broadcast Earpiece, Design and Conquer

Channelling retro but futuristic chic, Design + Conquer’s latest collection was inspired by the graphic design and architecture of Expo ‘67, and the retro-electronic music of Linkwood Family and Tame Impala. This show-stopping orange plastic piece looks stylish pinned into an updo.

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