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Celebrity signature styles

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How do we pick our favorite celebrities? The movies they make? The songs they sing or simply by their personalised celebrity style? We are betting the latter which is why Boticca has picked our top four celebs to take you on a celebrity style tour, Boticca style.

Rachel Zoe  – The more the Merrier

Victoria Beckham – Cool and Classy

Lady Gaga- Loud and Proud

Emma Watson – New Kid on the Block

So who is your style inspiration? Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham or Emma Watson? As for me, everyone here knows that I love the fabulous Rachel Zoe…

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Royal style, Kate Vs Pippa

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Over the past year there has pretty much not been one day when either of the Middleton sisters have not been out of our newspapers. From where Pippa works out to what Kate eats, never has there been so much interest in two sisters. Their wardrobe has become a veritable guide to celebrity style with their choices proving instant hits, guaranteed to sell out in minutes.

Similar but ultimately poles apart – Kate and Pippa’s new found celebrity style is chic, trend led and always classy. Where Kate prefers more sedate, classical shapes and colors such blues and whites with a pearl necklace and diamond earrings never far from her, Pippa is more led by new fashion trends, taking the opportunity to wear bigger, bolder and more unique jewelry.

Here Boticca takes an imaginary style tour into the jewelry boxes of these worldwide famous sisters.


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London Jewellery Week

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If you have noticed that your office is emptier, the tubes less packed and friends uncharacteristically quiet this week, chances are it’s due to London Jewellery Week.

Taking place from June 6th to June 12th, this week long extravaganza celebrates the best in the biz, bringing together industry heavy hitters and emerging artists alike. Based at several key London locations, this bling enthusiasts dream week will include catwalk shows, live jewellery making exhibitions, parties and most importantly, opportunities to buy. So with so much to do and so much to see, Boticca give you their guide to London’s most exciting week.


Who to see

Zelia Horsley

A former winner of the highly prestigious Professional Jeweller Treasure Competition, this year Zelia will not only take her place on the panel of judges for the coveted competition but will also be exhibiting her Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection. Inspired by industrial materials from a bygone era, Zelia mixes acrylic plates with layered chains for an unmistakably feminine yet strikingly modern range of earings, bracelets and even brooches.


Renaissance Life

Born out of a desire to turn their passion for history into beautiful jewelry, Renaissance Life is a divine Swedish brand, new to Boticca, who create pieces each with their own story to tell. Taken from popular Swedish sayings, the pieces aim to reflect the past, present and future, reflecting life and its infinite possibilities.


La Diosa

Literally translating as ‘The Goddess’ in Spanish, the designer duo behind La Diosa travelled the world for an entire year to find the creativity behind their label. Finally getting their inspiration from a small local community in Mexico, La Diosa’s look is bold and striking whilst still elegant and feminine and is heavily inspired by the jewellery of the Aztec’s and the Mayans. Already a multi-award winning brand, La Diosa jewellery has been sported by celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Kim Cattrall.


Linnie Mclarty

With a degree in fine art, Linnie Mclarty’s pieces are in themselves like a piece of treasured art however at the heart of her designs are ethics. One of the first licensees of certified fair-trade, 15% of the bouillon price used in the piece is guaranteed to go towards providing a fair wage for miners and towards developing their community.

Boasting an impressive win of four awards by the time she graduated three years ago, Linnie strongly believes her sculptural and sensual designs will bring visual poetry to the wearers’ day.


Joanna Dahdah

Last years winner of the Best Newcomer award, this year will see Joanna launch not one but two new collections at London Jewellery Week. Working mainly with gold and silver, Joanna’s innate passion for art lends a structured yet delicate look to her pieces and has seen her work grace the pages of Italian Vogue. Recently qualified as a gemologist, Joanna has recently opened her flagship boutique in her hometown of Beirut.


Eastern Mystic Jewelry

Although Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskaran, the brainchild behind Eastern Mystic Jewellery is now a multi award-winning designer, her life could have taken a very different path. Originally a banker with Goldman Sachs, it was only after the sudden loss of her father that she realised her creative rivers ran deep and decided to school herself in the art of jewellery making. Inspired by the world of myths and folklore, she combines gold and brass with a myriad of gemstones and crystals to create bold and thought-provoking pieces.


Catherine Marche

Chic, elegant yet playful; Catherine Marche’s stunning jewellery perfectly sums up her unique French vibe. Made with high carat gold or sterling silver, her collection plays with the rich colours of precious and semi precious stones, with blue topaz and tourmaline being amongst her favourites.


Alexandra Simpson

Looking at her handcrafted, delicate and highly artistic pieces it comes as no surprise to learn that Alexandra Simpson is a classically trained artist. Growing up surrounded by the lush green of Richmond Park, nature is a theme that runs through Alexandra’s pieces made mostly by combining sterling silver and gold with semi precious stones.


And now for a look at what to do.

Eagle eyed shoppers should head straight to Victoria House for the Treasure Exhibition. Running from June 9th to June 12th, it will showcase 80 of the UK’s best contemporary jewellers.

Those looking for a bit more info to their bling should try the Goldsmiths’ days of Knowledge. Taking place between the 8th and 9th June guest speakers include Theo Fennel, Stephen Webster and Louisa Guiness.

Hatton Garden Festival, taking place on the 11th June has something for everyone. A giant street party taking place in London’s famous jewellery district, highlights include live performances and jewellery making demos.

Jewel East runs from June 6th to 12th at Old Spitalfields market and will showcase a mixture of vintage and costume jewellery.

Last but most certainly not least are the events taking place at the Royal Exchange. Don your best ball gown and get ready for a week of gala festivities from June 6th to June 12th.

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Brooklyn costume designer Keri Doris styles for an easy, versatile, smart look

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As a freelance costume designer working in film, television, and commercial in NYC, I am always on the go. A day of work can consist of having various meetings with directors, actors, & producers, as well as running around to stores, showrooms, and the set searching for that perfect piece. My wardrobe has to be easy, versatile and smart.

First impressions are priceless, when I meet a director, actor, or client for the first time, they have to immediately feel that they can trust me with their creative vision while also feeling confident that I will bring my own ideas to the table. My personal style tends to be a bit tomboy, very simple, and always no fuss. I like to make sure that who I am comes across in my style, and to not let the outfit do the talking for me.

I enjoy pieces that are simple and timeless, with my own personal twist of course! My outfits tend to be fairly simple, my closet is filled with variations of the same button down shirt and a selection of cardigans varying in texture. I will always invest in good quality denim jeans and am a sucker for simple dresses. Accessories are a great way to let my creative side shine through and add a little personality to my look.

Keri Doris is the founder and editor of Heart Charlie blog.

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Stylecaster Fashion Editor creates her unique Manhattan Look on Boticca

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Our guest blogger this week has a job most fashionistas would sell their Manolos for. Kerry Pieri is Features Director at Stylecaster, an online platform that showcases innovative content about all things style, from fashion editorials to how-to videos.

A typical day involves speaking with designers and photographers and other industry insiders who would ‘live and die for fashion’. Despite sticking to a ‘pretty restrained colour scheme’ and minimal pieces in her work wardrobe, Kerry spends her downtime discovering unique vintage and thrift pieces.

So naturally, she jumped at the chance to make her own edit of her favourite Boticca’s accessories.

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Cocktail Glamour

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Party season is upon us, which means one thing – endless outfits!  But even if you’re a seasoned party pro, every girl has a wardrobe dilemma before a big bash. Our solution? Liven up your look with some glam accessories.

They say you can always judge a girl by her favorite tipple – so what does the Boticca team’s bar menu say about us? To kick off the party season, we’re matching our favorite drinks to accessories perfect for cocktail hour. With all those office parties and Christmas get-together’s coming up, there’s no better way to make your outfit festive. So, it’s our round – what are we having? (more…)

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