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Boticca’s Inspiring Women

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International Women’s Day is March 8, and we’re celebrating with some of our most inspiring female designers. Read on to find out more about these stellar Boticca designers, and what they think it takes to be a powerful woman.

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Top 8 this week – 20th of February

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Personalized Necklace - Multiple Discs in 14k GF Cherry Half Moon Creole Ear cuff with red rooster feathers and 5 gold plat Angelina Jolie French Style Green Drop Earrings Necklace Swan Sha Sleazy Jane Camel

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Top 8 this week – 13th of February

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Fuchsia Pink Rock it bracelet Crystal Shoulder Bag Neon Kumihimo Necklace *50% OFF* Neon Yellow/Lime Hoops Summer totes Takifugu Navajo cuff - fuschia/tangerine/gold Ear cuff with hot pink feathers

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Boho queen Ashley Yingling from Love for Fashion brings her celebrity influenced style to Boticca

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Inspired by the Olsen twins and Vanessa Hudgens, 18-year-old Ashley may be young, but she is certainly stylish. With two years of blogging experience under her belt, the highly creative Ashley leads Boticca through her eclectic style choices.

For more from Ashley click here.

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With a love for unique finds, Karen from Where Did U Get That brings her quirky style to Boticca.

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It was a move from her hometown of London to New York that proved to be the catalyst for Karen Blanchard to turn her passion into a career. Finding delight in the off the beaten track, hidden boutiques Karen found herself like a fish out of water when she moved to New York. Never being one to miss a shopping opportunity Karen set about finding the best the Big Apple had to find and in turn Where Did U Get That was born – a blog charting her unique finds and quirky style.

So to see more from Karen – click here.

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GLAMOUR.COM UK’s Fashion Editors Philippa Morgan & Leisa Barnett talk shop and celebrate all things gorgeous.

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When we asked Glamour’s online Fashion Editors for their take on Boticca style we knew it was going to be interesting. Where Philippa’s style is more eclectic, Leisa is more of a fan of minimalism making their picks from our plethora of unique designers one of the most interesting yet.

Intrigued? We have more from the girls here.

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Stay cool in the summer sun with Nicole, Olivia, Rihanna and Jen.

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Scorching hot tube rides, bad air-conditioning and a general lack of ease with the increased temperatures leave most of us looking less than fabulous in the summer time. Luckily for us we have a bevvy of styletastic celebrities, each with their own unique take on celebrity fashion trends to inspire and delight us in these the warmer months.  So sit back, cool down and relax as we take you through Boticca’s guide to celebrity style.

Nicole Richie – Boho Babe

Nicole has come a long, long way since her days on the ‘SimpleLife.’ Fashion designer, mother and general fashion muse, Nicole’slook of laid-back cutting edge chic is copied worldwide. To get atouch of Nicole in your wardrobe think layered necklaces, chunkygold bracelets and plenty of printed bags.

Olivia Palermo – Polished Princess

Socialite turned fashion icon Olivia Palermo never has even a hair out of place. Her Upper West Side style might not be easy to upkeep but ensures her a place every best dressed list in town. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so get Olivia’s style with minimal accessories, an essential barely there gold bracelet, cutting edge simple stud earrings and her all-time essential, the clutch bag.

Rihanna – Rock Rebel

Barbados born rock princess Rihanna has always danced to her own style tune. In Rihanna’s world shocking pops of color and prints collide to make her the fierce, fashion-forward femme fatale that we all know and love. All about Rihanna? Get her look with attention grabbing leather cuffs, big and bold necklaces and her essential item; spiked gold jewelry.

Jennifer Aniston – Cool and Classic

Jennifer Aniston is America’s sweetheart and as she keeps her look laid-back yet high-end chic, her crown shows no signs of slipping. Although she’s come a long way since the ‘Friends’ days,her style has remained cool, classic and always chic. Get Jen’s look with diamond-encrusted jewelry, beautiful gold bracelets and simple pearl earrings.

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The magic of monochrome

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While other trends come and go, the effortlessly chic monochrome has stood the tests of time. The lure of black and white has remained a style classic and season after season it’s presence still reigns supreme on a plethora of catwalks. The coming season is certainly no different with designers once again channeling this iconic trend.

As with all style re-births this time around monochrome is of course still in essence monochrome but never before has it had this edge. While we all knew that kids under 16 spend their days glued to the Disney Channel, it seems that some of fashion’s finest have taken followed suit and taken their inspiration from 101 Dalmatians. Yes that’s right, next season your style icon will be Cruella DeVille as Dalmatian print takes over your wardrobe from everything from coats to skirts to even your boots. A highly individual look guaranteed not to be to everyone’s tastes but inspiring and eye-catching nonetheless.

Over here at Boticca we have been completely sold by this new monochrome. You know us; we love anything unique, which is why we are already pairing up our accessories with our new season’s fashion wish lists.

Always the organized fashionista, we have split up our monochromes starting with black. Top of our list is the rubber tape necklace by alienina. Big and bold, it’s ideal to glam up a simple ensemble. The Versailles Necklace by Suzanna Dai and the BLACK QUEEN NECKLACE by Arosha Luigi Taglia come a very close second in the favorite necklace competition.

Moving on to arm candy, Glint’s Pearl Multi-Chain Cluster Bracelet wins the race for it’s sheer Dalamation look, white spots on a black frame hits the nail on the trend head perfectly. Michelle Lowe- Holder’s Loop Cuff and Caipora Jewellery’s champagne bracelet are simply irresistible.   Moving on to earrings, toosis wins hands down with her Black Onyx Faceted Teardrop Earrings followed closely by Nikki Baker and her Sleek Onyx Earrings and St Petersburg Earrings by Suzanna Dai. Finishing with rings, Selda Okutan’s Selection Wedding Ring races to the front of the pile with the Traped Pearl Ring by Madame Framboise and the hundred years of solitude ring by Jolita Jewellery placing themselves firmly on our wish lists.

Finishing our tour through monochrome, we take a look at white. The Laced necklace by Liz Law is a clear winner with First Lady necklace by Orchira and the Complete Cycle 5 necklace by Naomi Mcintosh taking second and third positions.

When it comes to bracelets we couldn’t choose a winner loving the Vitality Charm and Chain Bracelet by Eastern Mystic Jewellery, the CRUMPLED BRACELET in transparent plastic by Arosha Luigi Talia , Nikki Baker’s Goddess Emerald Bracelet.

Moving on to earrings, toosis snatches the prize once again with her Pearl Stud Earrings and Orchira’s Oxford Beauty Blanc and Anni Jurgenson’s Ear cuff with white feathers following closely behind.

Finally monochrome goes ring a ding with the beauty of Arata Fuchi’s White pulverization ring, Orchira’s La Belle Rencontre a Crosica and Bita Pourtavoosi’s Big Chunk of White Ring making it impossible to choose a winner. So there you have it, our top picks for monochrome chic. So when fashion goes dotty next season, you know what to do. For even more picks click here

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70s Rediscovered

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As we hit mid-summer, one fashion trend that looks set to continue well after our bikinis and suntan lotions have been packed away for another year is the 70’s revival. Taking our cue from the catwalks of Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and Chris Benz, the influence of this exciting and historical decade looks set to run and run.

While many of us may not have actually visited the famous hangout ‘Studio 54,’ that doesn’t stop most of us hankering after a little 70’s magic in our wardrobes.

So unless David Bowie was the first live concert you attended or if you are lucky enough to have parents who kept all those fantastic ensembles, in order to keep up with one of this summer’s hottest fashion trends, it’s time to take a trip back in fashion time and take an intensive course on this ever-present inspiration.

The 70’s were a time of ABBA, hippies, lava lamps, the famous Mohawk haircut, Space Invaders video game and of course time-enduring fashion. From bell-bottoms, fringed just about everything to the ubitiquous denim mini-skirt, it seems something about that era just jarred and now, over 30 years later, it’s influence rages on. So flash forward to 2011 and the latest 70’s revival. This time around we look destined not to embrace the trend head-on, merely skirt around the edges. Patterns are less vivid; colors are more muted, in short, whereas before where impact reigned supreme, this summer it’s time for sophisticated seventies.

So if you’re looking to get a piece of this vintage glam in your wardrobe, Boticca has compiled the perfect how-to seventies guide. Ready? Read on ….

Blame it on the boogie. The 70’s were all about disco fever so look for accessories with a disco edge. Silks, metallics, perspex and sequins are what to watch out for. Try the Gold Group Triangle necklace by Rebecca Boatfield or An Unkindness of Black Ravens by Sarah Home perspex necklace, or be seduced by the true disco vibe of the Cheri beaded purse by blackfrangipani.

Go for boho. When it comes to accessories, it’s time to embrace your inner modern hippie and take a style trip to the prairie. Think bold pendants, gold hoop earings, feather covered earings and turquoise silver bracelets for a look that says more here I am than look at me, this is the 70’s we are talking about, not the 80’s, it’s all about understated chic. Sound good? Then take a look at Anni Jurgenson’s feathered ear cuff, Bita Pourtavoosi’s hammered gold hoops, the Hespera Necklace by Gemma Redux or the Rome cuff by Suzanna Dai.

Learn to love leather. The 70’s saw a veritable love affair with all things leather and this 2011 version is certainly no different. Look to leather beaded bracelets, long leather pendants and leather women’s tote bags galore.  The Leila bag by ana faye will see you effortlessly from day to night and the Turquoise Bracelet in Gold Coated Silver by toosis brilliantly balances both the leather and turquoise trend in one.

Belt it up. Nothing screams 70’s quite like a belt, if ever there was an era for the belt it was then. Keeping true to the whole vibe of the trend, look for belts in a vibrant hue, ideally with sequin detail or embellishment. The crystal Bow Belt by Poupee Couture excellently nails this trend on the head.

Pile it on. The 70’s were the start of the era of excess. So when it comes to jewelry, the general rule of thumb is; the more the better.

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It girl fashion – Moroccan style

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While most 16 and 17 year olds have only just begun experimenting with fashion, life-long friends Sofia and Soukaina are actually living it through their blog It-BLOGirls. With a burning desire to share their views on fashion as well as gather world-wide views on their favorite topic, the two believe that their often differing style works to their advantage with them more often that not complimenting each others work.

Sofia, 17, gets her inspiration from both street style and fashion shows and believes that people should embrace fashion and be more experimental with their choices.

Soukaina, 16, prefers not to follow trends but instead lets her mood do the talking when it comes her fashion choices. Much like Sofia, she is heavily influenced by street style and believes clothes are one of the best ways to express oneself.

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