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Guess the Material: Alice Menter

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Gold cuff by Alice Menter

Ruby cuff by Alice Menter

Can you guess what this stunning cuff is made of? You can find them in a hardware store…

Alice Menter uses nuts, bolts and other hardware to create beautiful, feminine jewelry like this gold plated cuff. Click here to see the rest of her stunning collection.

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Beauty In The Ordinary

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We encounter a host of objects and materials every single day, each both useful and forgettable. But some designers see extraordinary beauty in the commonplace items that clutter our lives. From bicycle inner tubes to nuts and bolts, find out how our designers elevate the trappings of our most mundane moments to gorgeous mementos that are made to last.

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Fresh Talent Alert – August 3rd

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Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique designers.

Andrea Valentini

Armed with degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and interior architecture and design, Andrea Valentini developed a molded textile using polyethylene. The soft, durable textile, called “Bump,” found its way to museums and trendy hotels before becoming the signature feature of Andrea’s handbag line. Carry an Andrea Valentini bag when you want to stand out in a crowd.

Hop Skip & Flutter

Hop Skip & Flutter’s “Merry Go Round” collection of vintage-inspired porcelain jewelry is positively irresistible. Designers Suree and Jan give childhood memories a chic update with hand-painted details and Swarovski crystals. The nostalgic pieces are guaranteed to make you smile.

Alice Menter Jewellery

Jewelry designer Alice Menter creates glamorous, luxurious jewelry using utilitarian materials. Her time spent with the Yao Mien tribe in Thailand inspired her detailed designs. She uses nuts, bolts, zips and other hardware together with gold and silver plating, Alice Menter turns these ordinary objects into, gorgeous jewelry.


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