Fresh Talent Alert – July 6th

Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique designers.


Fairy-tales and dark humor play a part in momocreatura’s miniature sculptures. Designer Momo creates works of art in silver and gold that invoke an imaginative childhood and twisted takes on traditional stories. From a macabre circus to a dark Victorian garden, each momocreatura collection tells a vivid story.


Saisei means rebirth or recovery in Japanese – an apt name for a brand that gives new life to old materials. The Saisei team uses military tents, discarded drapes and other “forgotten fabrics” to create cute, spacious bags for people who like to carry their whole worlds with them.

Salet by Eri Takekawa

Salet by Eri Takekawa is a collection of jewelry designed for nature-lovers trapped in city life. Designer Eri spent her childhood in the country before moving to the city as an adult, where she decided to pour her passion for horticulture into her jewelry. Using chasing techniques and precious metals, Eri designs elegant, joyful jewelry.

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