Roxy Owens of Cup of Te pairs exotic accessories with insatiable wanderlust

From fashion to furniture, Roxy Owens loves it all. She grew up watching her father’s furniture sketches and designs come to life and became even more obsessed with the creative process during her stint at one of the top design schools in NYC. Following this, she found herself in the big white tents of NY Fashion Week with WWD and through her work with doyenne of design, Donna Karan.

Despite relishing the world of fashion, she felt something was missing and has recently set out on her own to build the career of her dreams. Society Social, launching summer 2011, combines her roots in furniture as well as her experience in fashion and will showcase uniquely designed pieces from cocktail carts to cocktail attire.

Her desire to live a life less ordinary reflects her bold, unique fashion choices and makes Boticca a new fave destination for stylish finds.

Roxy is the founder/designer for Society Social and the editor of the lifestyle blog My Cup of Te.

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