Fresh Talent Alert – April 12th

Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique designers for Boticca.

Elena Canter

Inspired by medieval armor and Art Deco graphics, Elena Canter creates striking necklaces and bracelets for strong, positive women. Canter says she “creates her own language” with her pieces, and the result is “jewels that caress you.”

Arlette Ess

Arlette Ess pieces are original and provocative. From her quirky approach to the fur wrap to chain necklaces made with buffalo horn, each piece is both clever and alluring.

Yasuyuki Machida

Born and raised in Japan, Yasuyuki Machida uses the shibori process to create scarves that mimic the texture of crumpled paper. This allows the design on each scarf to become distorted when the scarves are stretched out, creating completely new abstract patterns. 

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