Milan Fashion Week

Ah Milan, the birthplace of style and now home to, amongst numerous other things, the third and penultimate week of fashion month.

Milan Fashion Week on

If you find yourself Milan side this week then why not take full advantage of our fantastic city map. The ultimate guide to the best independent boutiques, restaurants and museums – you will wonder how you ever got by without it. And for those who couldn’t make it over to Milan, not to worry, our style hunters are there for you, and they even took in a Moschino show. So sit back and enjoy their candid shots of this glorious, vibrant city.

Now while we all know and love industry giants such as Versace, Dolce&Gabbanna and Marni, we at Boticca don’t think it’s fair they get all the attention. With beauties ranging from statement necklaces to turbans, it’s time to give the emerging designers a turn as we show you the best of Milan, Boticca style.

When it comes to beautifully crafted contemporary necklaces and collars, alienina wins hands down. Using materials such as nylon cord, alienina’s jewelry is made by reusing ordinary objects and materials to inspire people to discover that items have extra life and new functions.

It was a desire for simplicity and functionality that led ilariamai to her current, and highly successful, design style. Creating the hard-leather part as the structure, she gives the wearer endless possibilities with the interchangeable inner materials. Meaning with some clever co-ordination; you can practically have a new bag every day.

Inspired by old values and a lost elegancy of a by gone era, COR SINE LABE DOLI create ceramic ties, bowties and now, necklaces. These highly unique Italian labels seeks to put fun into the more mundane daily routines such as tying a tie or bowtie and with their eclectic use of color are always sure to be noticed.

Inspired by the exciting and often dramatic tales of pirates and horseman and knights and kings, menswear label deMaglie is one of Boticca’s most cutting edge labels. Using heavy silver with adornments ranging from skulls to crosses, deMaglie’s powerful pieces are designed to look like hidden treasure within a dream.

Madame Framboise designer Giulia Landini’s dream of starting her own accessories line was realised in 2009. Inspired by the dreamy romanticism of fairy tales, her rings, necklaces and even turbans and handcrafted using vintage details and only the highest quality fabrics.

When it comes to all things bright and beautiful MAYLILY by Evelyn La Starza has it nailed. Limiting each piece to strictly low quantities, designer Evelyn La Starza uses Swarovski crystals on her earrings, rings and necklaces made of wood or often acrylic.

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