Hunting Parisian Treasures

With the Boticca team’s obsession with all things beautiful from Japan, it should not be too surprising to find the Japanese art of origami to be the main theme of our Parisian stay.

We were delighted to find out that we were not the only origami enthusiasts in Paris!

Claire – Origami Jewellery

Claire of Origami Jewellery generously welcomed us into her lovely Parisian apartment, where we discovered a real work in progress in her living room. Claire and her assistant Juliette were enthusiastically creating a massive piece of origami to entertain people in the Premiere Class halls!

…Kangaroos, Triceratops, Pegasus and and all sorts of creatures magically morphed into beautiful, wearable origami-shaped miniatures!


Inside Nada’s unique boutique and studio, we found an abundance of fine quality leather cuts and a few folded papers to demonstrate her instinctive approach to design.

Amazingly, these beauties are seamless and created entirely from an finely tuned folding technique. Starting from a plain square of leather, Nada shapes each bag simply by following her creative impulses.

There were dozens of bags in her workshop and not one is alike.

Mende Design

We loved the dreamlike display of Mende Design’s jewelry at Premiere class! They folded paper to create a collection of dresses to gently rest their jewellery on.

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