How to wear costume jewelry

Want to know a way to get a million dollar look without breaking the bank or breaking into a bank for that matter? We’ve got two words for you; costume jewelry. Adored by the A-list, selected by socialites and kept by those in the know, costume jewelry is your top ticket to the top and here Boticca shows you just how to wear it at every social function.

The night out

A night out is a costume jewelry lovers delight. Throw caution to the wind and mix and match statement earrings, bold bracelets and chunky necklaces for an altogether so-costume-it-must-be-real look.

Aztec Bangle by Jolita Jewellery

The dinner party

The more sedate setting of the dinner party is where one or two key costume jewelry pieces will really come into their own. The trick is to be bold without being overpowering, noticed without knocking everyone out, in short slightly less is certainly more.

Antwerp Earrings by Suzanna Dai (as worn by Alicia Keys)

The work party

If you want to shine at your work do for the right reasons, err on the side of caution and pick one key costume jewelry piece and work your outfit around it. Sure your style might be acres more adventurous but a work function is not the place to debut your nighttime style.

Sigiriya Necklace by Janina Grigore

The first date

A first date is a veritable minefield or possibilities. Talking too much is a big no no as is giving the date the silent treatment, similarly opening the ‘I’m really into fashion’ drawer too early mightput them off. Give the date a taster of your style, reel them in with a few interesting pieces, leaving them to want date two to get more of your quirky, spot-on style.

Leaf and branch earring by Keri Washington

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