Fresh Talent Alert – August 17th

Another week, another influx of creative and unique designers.

Golnar Gorgin

Jewelry designer Golnar Gorgin fell in love with Persian calligraphy as a child in Iran, where she watched her father meticulously recreate each phrase with his expert hand. While Golnar did not have the patience to follow in her father’s footsteps, she found her own way to honor the beautiful language. She now incorporates Persian calligraphy and phrases into her jewelry, and the results are nothing short of stunning.

Roque Bags

Inspired by the diverse population of Buenos Aires, Roque bags are the world traveler’s essential. Made by Argentine artisans, the thoughtfully designed bags are created using excellent Argentine leather. The beautiful carry-on bags and handbags are created with multiple uses in mind – a casual shoulder bag becomes a classic handbag in two snaps. A Roque bag is perfect for both everyday use and journeys to far-flung locales.  

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