Fresh Talent Alert – October 27th

Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique independent designers for Boticca.

K Rothwell

Designer Karen Rothwell mixes traditional hand craftsmanship with a modern design aesthetic for her remarkably creative collection. Inspired by her travels, Karen uses her silversmithing skills to discover and test the limits of new materials.


With androgynous dressing still very firmly on our fashion radar, Jupe’s unisex ties and bow ties are the perfect fashion fix. Hand-embroidered with the finest materials, the Jupe’s printed silk designs are a breath of fresh air.

Justin Smith Design

Walking between the lines of art and fashion, Justin Smith’s designs are some of the most creative and eye-catching we have seen for quite some time. Through various stuffing and holding techniques, he creates structure and volumes in his designs, which range from bags to shawls to scarves.


Meaning joy and happiness in Spanish dialect, DICHA jewellery is just a joy to behold. Inspired by fashion trends that span the test of time, DICHA jewellery is handmade with semi precious stones, pearls and antique accessories. Treading the line between costume and fine jewellery, we are very excited to have this young design duo on Boticca.

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