Fresh Talent Alert – March 1st

Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique independent designers for Boticca.

Little Lucia

Little Lucia designer Natalia Criado is inspired by the games and toys of her childhood in Colombia. Her playful pieces combine elegant materials such as gold-plated brass and silk with trinkets like toy bunnies. Little Lucia designs are perfect for indulging your inner child. 


Lindsay Edmonson, the designer behind Noose, says she wants her customer to “enjoy wearing my tie without it being a noose around your neck.” There’s no doubt these ties, designed and handmade in England, are fun to wear: who could possibly feel blue while wearing a bright, hare-printed tie?

Gabriela Ramirez Michel

Gabriela Ramirez Michel creates bold, sculptural jewelry inspired by poetry and dreams. Her pieces are elegant and intricate, invoking beautiful organic forms. Gabriela’s delicate, feminine pieces have a deep connection to the earth.

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