Fabulous Forties

The 1940s was a time like no other. With the outbreak of World War 2 the world literally changed over night. Gone were the carefree flapper days of the 1920s and 30s as rationing, manual labor for women and curfews became the new norm.

It wasn’t until 1945; the end of the Second World War, that the impact of these tumultuous times could be seen properly and the area that emerged most changed was women’s wardrobes. The 40s had heralded a brand new hierarchy for women as they took on factory work and other manual labor to keep their countries running while war was still raging and it was a feeling that women were not so willing to give up once peace was restored. There was a sense of empowerment, of living for the day, that once life returned to normal, women reflected this in their day-to-day wardrobes.

The 1940s also saw the rise of Hollywood starlets such as Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth. Their unique and quirky style and strong-minded attitudes helped change the way women both viewed fashion and how they experimented with their own style.

With the war raging on in Europe until the mid 1940s – style seekers had to become ever more resourceful. With compulsory rationing and shortage of materials, style seekers became ever more resourceful. Like many of our designers on Boticca, they looked to their surroundings for inspirations and began thinking of making as an art as their fashion and accessories were mostly hand-made.

As with all good fashion trends, the 40s has once again been gracing our catwalks. Admittedly more opulent and daring than the original this is one style fans of unique, hand-made and homely trends will flock to. This Autumn/Winter 2011 fashion trend is all about thought, it’s all about being unique, being hand-made and being made to last which really is what after all, Boticca is all about too.

Think this trend looks like you? Here are Boticca’s top tips for nailing this fashion trend on the very fashionable head.


Petal power

Florals were big in the 40s and they are huge in this re-make. For a more unique and modern spin why not try Uroco’s Kimono Clutch.

Plump for pink

If ever there was a color to sum up this trend it would be pink. Soft and delicate yet pretty and strong – if you embrace only one element of this trend – make sure it’s pink. Put a 21st Century spin on this trend with World of Wonderful’s oversized Clutch bag.


Go for gloves

Demure and delicate, no self respecting 40s lady would be seen without her gloves. As we enter winter, these become not only a style staple but an essential. Astis’Tenzing Leather Mittens will keep you warm in style.


Find a fur

A faux fur that is. This trend is all about ladylike chic and faux fur screams chic elegance. Be it a stole, a scarf or gloves, this season its all about the fur. Little Fille’s Blair Freshwater earmuffs are a wonderfully unique and modern take on this trend.

Frame it

When it comes to handbags, this trend calls for them to be framed. Short strapped and framed style – the ICONIC GOLDEN LEATHER HANDBAG by anca irina lefter is what it’s all about.

Like what you see? We have more fabulous Forties fashion here.


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