Designer Interview – Rebecca Boatfield


Taking inspiration from the art deco period, Rebecca Boatfield’s jewelry is bold, eye-catching and elegant. Having worked for the likes of jewelry giants such as BexRox and Tatty Devine, Rebecca started her eponymous jewelry line in 2009. Already one of the most well received collections on Boticca, we caught up with the exciting designer to discover just what drives her passion for jewelry.

Hello Rebecca, can you just tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I was born in Oxford, UK. I am half German and half Cornish. I studied at Loughborough University with a degree in multi-media textiles. I went on to work in India for 4 months, I love Indian food so I was in heaven. I am a self-taught jewellery designer with various placements with some of the UK’s most amazing jewellery designers.

What made you interested in becoming a jewelry designer?

I have always had an interest in jewellery and I almost took my degree in jewellery design. However I also had a passion for textiles but during my degree I found myself being drawn back to jewellery. I found that I could really express myself this way and I really enjoy learning how to make things.
My passion for jewellery has moved up a level and I am now taking a course in jewellery manufacture, which is teaching me a lot about silversmithing.

You have done internships with critically acclaimed companies like BexRox and Tatty Devine. What made you decide to leave this behind and start your own company?

I have always wanted to create my own company. I gained internships to help me understand the industry and it really helped me focus on my own collections.

How did your work in India influence the way you design today?

Working in India completely opened my eyes to different cultures and surroundings. I was given freedom to create collections for international retailers including Urban Outfitters, which gave me confidence to be bold and imaginative in my own designs.

I was able to experiment in different mediums including wood, glass, printed textiles, embroidery and many more. This level of freedom for a designer is amazing and when I came back it helped me focus on what I enjoyed working with during my time in India.

Who is the Rebecca Boatfield woman?

The Rebecca Boatfield woman is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and be creative in her own style. She loves beautiful objects with a twist and lets her accessories do the talking.

Gold Triple Triangle Necklace

How do you get your inspirations?

I visit a lot of galleries and museums, also my local library was amazing I used to spend hours in there and come away with about 10 books each time.

Inspiration for me can come from anywhere from country walks to street fashion. Sometimes you can come across an image or object, which then reminds you of something else. This is why I like to carry a notebook with me so when something inspires me I don’t forget it.

I love the V & A museum, it’s a great source of inspiration for me, especially the jewellery collection and there are always great exhibitions on there.

In 5 words how would you describe your designs?

Unique, playful, quirky, beautiful and imaginative.

Gold Group Triangle necklace

Double Triangle Brooch Wood

What would you do if you hadn’t become a designer?

I have always been creative and my family have always encouraged the creative side in me. I have considered a career in photography, costume design and graphic design. I am still very passionate about printed textiles and would like to pursue this in the future.

If your jewelry were a celebrity who would it be?

Women like Bjork, Roisin Murphy and Alexa Chung. They are very confident and have a very creative sense of style and are not afraid to try something new.

Why Boticca?

Boticca have some amazing designers who have done so well and this made me want to be a part of the Boticca community. 
It’s really a great for promoting up and coming designers.
Boticca really embrace a designers’ uniqueness and creativity. Boticca have also considered the importance of communication between designer and customer with the added bonus of status updates where the designer can tell customers about sales or up and coming events people can visit, which means customers get a more unique shopping experience.

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