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When it comes to new collections, DESIGN+CONQUER’S latest has got to be one of the most eye-catching and inspirational we have seen on Boticca to date. Based on the concept of Electro music and housed in a clean and fresh palette, Boticca caught up with the interesting designer to discover their main inspirations.

Your latest collection, Electro just launched on Boticca. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I’ll often compile a playlist of songs before I even start work on designs. Music triggers feelings, atmospheres and different aesthetics—often all at once. It’s a breeding ground of ideas and design directions.
The result? Each earring, necklace, ring and bracelet corresponds with its own song. For example, the bittersweet melodies of Mirrors’ Hide and Seek influenced the stark whiteness, and shocking pink accents of the Seek earrings. As part of the launch, the entire playlist for the Electro collection is available on iTunes and YouTube.

You have said that a specific electronica song inspires each design – can you expand on this?

I’ve paired a specific song with each design in the collection. I challenged myself to be more specific/transparent with my influences, and hope this comes through in the pairings. Think of it as a kind of wine and cheese pairing! There are so many kinds of electronica—and it amazes me how complex—yet simultaneously minimal—this wide-ranging ‘genre’ can be.

How would you describe this collection?

Futuristic and cutting-edge. The designs and the materials I worked with combine in full-force to create head-turning, yet practical (and comfortable) designs. 3D printing in this design area is relatively new, and it excites me to use this process in my work. It was fun to see what the material could do when I was building the collection.

Apart from music what are your other inspirations?

Anything I can sense, really! I’m constantly collecting imagery, and will find ideas in movies, graphic design, textiles; old signage…whatever piques my interest. I’m also fascinated with retro futurism, and how different cultures envision the future. This often is very telling about a particular culture—what their current social, political and societal ideas are.

What are your favorite pieces from this collection?

They’re all my favorites—hence them making the cut, but if I had to choose, I’d say the Damage and the Fallout Pinky Rings. Previous materials I’ve worked with weren’t practical for fabricating rings, so it was fun to design for the fingers.

For a full list of the music that inspired this collection go to:

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