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We’re Hard At Work!

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Boticca’s PR genius Josi and marketing guru Sophia are hard at work building new furniture for our office. You might not think you need to accessorize when you’re building furniture, but we don’t think there’s ever a bad time to wear unique jewelry! Check out Sophia’s gorgeous Jolita necklace, which keeps her looking glamorous even as she contemplates assembling a new set of shelves. Sophia’s necklace is a bespoke piece, so there is truly nothing else like it. Check out the rest of Jolita’s collection here.

See, jewelry from Boticca really is appropriate for any occasion!

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Models For A Day!

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Did you know that Boticca’s co-founders, Avid and Kiyan, double as supermodels? Today, a photographer took over our office and Avid and Kiyan took their turns in front of the camera. Do you like our behind-the-scenes photos?

Naturally, they both accessorized with Boticca pieces. Kiyan is wearing a tie by Jupe, and Avid is wearing the Yellow Gold Elephant necklace by Dominique Lucas along with a necklace by Toosis (find a similar necklace here). She also wears the LeiVanKash Olivia Rose ring and Imogen Belfield’s Ferero Knuckle ring.

What do you think of our fearless leaders?

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Boticca Student Design Competition 2012

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jewelry design competition


Are you a talented emerging designer who deserves to be discovered by the world? Introducing Boticca’s Student Design Competition 2012! 

Welcome to our brand new competition to find the world’s top up-and-coming design talent! As a student (or recent alumnus) at your college or university, we would like to invite you to take part in the very first competition of its kind hosted by us. The competition winner will be offered a designer profile on for two months, with a view to this period being expanded*.

As a designer with your profile on Boticca, you will be able to exhibit your pieces to a global customer base and get support from our dedicated marketing, tech, and PR teams. To enter, all you have to do is the following:

• Design a collection (3-5 pieces minimum) that would be suitable for sale on (be sure to acquaint yourself with the site and what Boticca is all about).

• Your designs must be truly unique and embody Boticca’s brand ethos of telling a story.

• Send the photo(s) of your designs (a product shot on a white background and a lifestyle shot showing the piece worn) by 31st May 2012 to with a description of your inspirations and background. The shortlist selection will be voted on by the public in early June. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

The competition is open to entries from all over the world. If you have any questions at all, please email us.

On behalf of the Boticca team, good luck! We look forward to seeing your entry.


*If the 3-5 piece capsule collection is expanded to 10 or more suitable pieces within that 2 month period, Boticca will opt to feature the designer permanently on the site.

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Thank you Boticca

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One thing we love is making you happy. Honestly, it literally makes our day, not to mention that of our designers. Your feedback let’s us know what things you’re loving and how our designers are doing so we can constantly improve the site.

So with this in mind, we bring you our new and improved feedback page. With hundreds of comments from you our loyal customers, it’s the place to find out what everyone’s got to say about Boticca.

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Boticca’s global family

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While Boticca’s designers may be unique, emerging artists, producing every item in small quantities, there is nothing small about how far the word of Boticca has spread. Each and every time we get another purchase we are always amazed at what corner of the world the word of Boticca has managed to reach. So, with Boticca customers from Dubai to Dublin, we show you just how far the love spreads.


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New and Improved

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Our new homepage

Today heralded a very exciting day for us at Boticca with the launch of our spangly new and improved homepage. So what was wrong with the old one we hear you ask? Well nothing really but as we are always looking out for new ways to give you, our loyal fans, the best of everything, we decided a little nip here and tuck there could give you so much more.

So what can you look forward to?  As requested, you will now be able to see a plethora of designer interviews straight from our home page as well as being able to check out the latest designer additions to the site.

Need a bit of inspiration? We know how easy it is to get stuck in a style rut which is why we have made it that little bit easier to see the picks of our superbly stylish guest curators such as blogging sensation The Man Repeller or even’s fashion editors.

Does Blake Lively get your vote? How about Eva Longoria? If you’re a celeb fan, don’t worry as you can still see which celebrities are rocking Boticca’s bits as well as hearing up to the minute updates from our style hunters via our twitter feed.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The Boticca team.

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Boticca’s Fresh Talent Alert

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Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique independent designers for Boticca.

Alex Suh

Alex Suh joins us fresh from Central Saint Martins. Inspired by the poetic sensation that comes from the gap between perceptions and our own senses, her scarves are romantic, chic and thoroughly artistic.

Alan Hayden London

If it’s personalized leather goods you’re after then Alan Hayden is your man. Working closely with each client to ensure 100% personalization and uniqueness, Alan uses leather, silver and even diamonds in his luxury goods.

Yael & Tal

Hailing from Israel, Yael&Tal is the brainchild of two young designers who are greatly influenced by photography. Their work is made as mini frames aimed at perpetuating a moment to keep the memories with you forever.

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The Best of Berlin courtesy of Nancy Zhang

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Last week in Berlin, we had the pleasure of having someone very special taking us to some of her favorite destinations for unique finds and off the beaten path boutiques. For those of you who are regular visitors of the Sea of Fertility blog, you will recognize that this Berlin style hunter is none other than blogger Nancy Zhang.

First destination: Schmuckfrage, an incredible Ali Baba’s cave of contemporary jewelry design talent.

Standing in front of such a unique and courageous selection of wonderful designes, we wondered who the curator behind this shop was? Nancy obliged and introduced us to shop owner and curator Ute Kotzbucher, who patiently showed us her hidden gems.

We were mesmerized after hearing Ute’s explanation of her selection and designers. She also allowed us to take the time needed to admire, explore and investigate, until the jewelry began to tell us its own story.

We were all intrigued by the work of German designer Stephanie Hensle (see one of her necklaces below) amongst others.

Chatting with Ute on the wear-ability of the copper and wooden pendant (by Stephanie Hensle)

Wonderful work on ring prototypes at Schmuckfrage (by Stephanie Hensle)

From our one-of-a-kind rooms at the hotel to the tiny vibrant boutiques at every street corner, a day in Berlin was a day immersed in creativity!

We spoke with a lovely, talented, old school hatmaker called Helena, whose workshop we spotted on the street. To her, a hat was without a doubt the most sensitive part of an outfit so when she made her hats, she made them with a character in mind.

We also came across the shop of another hatmaker but this one’s style was a little different: Sicilian-style coppolas! As you can see from the pictures below, we had a lot of fun experimenting with the different coppolas and hats. It was like jumping from one character to the next!

Let me explain the picture above which shows the work of a most unusual designer. Little fishes are sewn by the artist when still fresh so that their natural beauty is brought new life and immortalized. The result: a unique line of accessories. She lives by the seaside and is a sculptress of fish. Back in the office, MK made me think about how adventurous it must have been to take the first step in this work.

So that’s it! Berlin is an artistic city where designers aren’t afraid to take risks. I feel like I was just only beginning to understand its creative side and we left too soon. But not to worry, I’m sure we’ll be back!

And expect to see some of these designers on Boticca soon …

Note: the Style Hunters would like to thank the lovely Nancy Zhang for taking us around and showing us areas, workshops and stores in Berlin that only its most style-savvy citizens would know about!

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At school with Alchimia

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Calling all budding jewelry designers. During their trip to Florence last week, our style hunters stopped off at the highly prestigious Alchimia college for experimental jewelry design and spoke to the co-founder Doris Maninger about what one can expect from this sought after course.

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SALE! The Boticca team bring you their top picks

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Been on holiday? Working all the hours God sends? Not to worry, as we enter week two of the fantastic Boticca summer sale, there are still bargains a plenty to be found.

However, while there is no denying that we all love a good sale, sometimes the thought of so many hard-to-resist bargains can send one into a fashion tailspin. But never fear, help is at hand from us here at Boticca as we take you on a magical style tour through our summer sale wish list.

Eva Hudakova, Graphic Designer

I am absolutely in love with this one-of-a-kind embroidered necklace by the amazingly talented Krista R. Such a bold and beautiful piece and considering how much work has gone into making it, the price is so affordable!

MK Byrne, Intern

Poupee couture’s bag instantly takes an outfit out of the shadows. I love the subtlety of soft black satin against the hard metal.

Avid Larizadeh, COO and Co-founder

These bracelets are so feminine and playful for the summer but yet they are still different enough to intrigue.

Djamila Mehanni, Web Developer

I just adore the simple elegance of this cuff!

Parvati Vaish, Intern

I love this ring! It’s different and interesting, a true conversation starter on my hand!

Eliza Dabney, PR and Communications Director

I love LeiVanKash‘s Sponge Coral Ring. It’s bold, chunky and adds a splash of vibrant pink to any outfit. Summer for me is about spending time with friends, listening to music, enjoying the out of doors, and this ring would be ideal for laid-back daytime wear or a more glamorous night out. Love!

Ben Dwyer, Interaction Designer

My wife would love this bag. Nice and practical, just what she needs!

Poppy Skinner, Fashion Editor

There is something so amazingly understatedly unique, elegant and eye-catching about this bracelet. I literally can’t stop looking at it!

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