Boticca’s very own Fashion Month

In a matter of just a few short days the month long fashion fiesta that is known as Fashion Month will kick off in New York. After New York has its fill of pretty it is the turn of London then Milan and finally the fashion circus fold away their tents in the French capital of Paris on October 5th.

While these four cities have long been heralded as the epicenters of chic, we at Boticca have itchy style feet – we all know the joys of these cities – especially if you have checked out Boticca’s independent city guides and we have all seen what they have to offer. We want something different, something more unique and original – just like our jewelry and accessories.

So with this in mind we have put together our own version of Fashion Month – taking place in four inspiring countries and thanks to the Boticca designers based there, giving four very different versions of what the shows would look like.


Our first stop is Israel and more specifically Tel Aviv – Israel’s second biggest city and home to two of our wonderful Boticca designers Inbal Bittan and MAVEN.

Starting our style week with Inbal Bittan – taking inspiration from unorthodox materials such as springs and finished with semi-precious stones such as coral and amethyst, Inbal’s designs are sure to delight the quirkier of fashion editors.

Next up is MAVEN. Although originally from France MAVEN designer Yael Salomon moved to Tel Aviv in 1993 after completing a yearlong internship at legendary fashion house Balenciaga. Taking inspiration from her surroundings MAVEN is chic, contemporary and sophisticated with the collection including gold and silk necklaces and earrings with silk and gold-filled beads.

Ending Israel Fashion Week would be Boticca favorite YooLa. A highly unique and inventive designer – YooLa’s design ethos is ‘less is more.’ Using a delicate technique learnt in Switzerland, her designs are clean, geometric and literally as light as air.


Waving goodbye to Israel our next stop is India and in particular the wildly exciting, bustling city of Bombay. First up on the catwalks is Bombay’s own Fashion Bombay. The product of two fashion stylists and self-confessed shopaholics – Fashion Bombay serves up creative and exotic handmade scarves.

Coming next to the tents is Kora Kaagaz. Describing their designs, as for ‘women of style and substance, who know their own hearts and minds’ each one of their pieces are limited edition. Using diamonds, sapphires and rubies their style is eye-catching and bold.

India fashion week ends with Eina Ahluwalia. Taking her inspiration from her experiences and interactions with life, Eina’s jewelry has a unique, spiritual style and would be sure to have every A-lister sitting up in their seats.

Hong Kong

Next we catch a flight to Hong Kong to see ARTESSORIO. Using only the finest leathers, ARTESSORIO combines practicality with charm, fun and originality and is sure to appeal to everyone from senior fashion editors to the youngest on the fashion ladder.

Next stomping down the catwalks is AZYRA and their luxurious clutches inspired by their global travels. Having been born and raised in Italy before moving to Hong Kong their bags are strictly for the style set.


The last week of Boticca’s imaginary Fashion Month sees style hunters heading for Canada. Kicking things off is the fabulous Justine Brooks. Inspired by the raw and natural elements of her travels, Justine’s quirky collection includes an Octopus ring, feather ring and seahorse pendant.

Next up for the hottest ticket in town is TERRA MODA with their range of headbands, earrings and necklaces. Influenced by the beauty of the earth, TERRA MODA carefully select conflict-free materials for their eclectic and original designs that will have stylists clambering over themselves to get to.

Finishing off Boticca’s Fashion Month are DESIGN+CONQUER. Born out of a desire to create visually stimulating pieces, these designs made out of plastic polymer are sure to catch the attention of fashion editors and stylists alike.

For more from our fantastic designers, take a look here.

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