Amadou and Mariam, :BRAÏ Jewellery Brand Ambassadors

Amadou and Mariam

We were thrilled to see musicians Amadou and Mariam in the Guardian this week. The Mali-born performers are known all over the world for their engaging music and dramatic concerts, but they also have a Boticca connection. Amadou and Mariam are the brand ambassadors for :BRAÏ Jewellery, a collection of jewelry that features inscriptions in Braille. :BRAÏ Jewellery founder and designer Claire Naa tells us that because Amadou and Mariam are among the most famous blind people in the world, they love the idea of wearing Braille jewelry, like the Toucher rings they sport in the photo above. In addition, the singers appreciate :BRAÏ’s charitable efforts – for each sale, the brand donates €3 to the Valentin Haüy Association, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the visually impaired. Amadou told the Guardian that Mariam is a serious shopper, and this is certainly the case when it comes to :BRAÏ – Claire says Mariam owns every piece! Go to :BRAÏ’s page to see why we love this unique collection, and pick up Amadou and Mariam’s new album, Folila, on 2 April.

:BRAÏ ring with the word by BRAI Jewellery

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