Accessories as a work of art

A few weekends ago I took a trip to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A museum. I have long been a fan of his inspiringly, dramatic, almost architectural designs and their ability to immediately transform the wearer into looking like the most unique, creatively minded person in any given room. This got me thinking of some of the independent designers our style hunters have found for Boticca.

Although of course every piece our designers make has that certain ‘wow’ factor, there are some I come across which just simply stop me in my tracks for clear amount of sheer thought and skill that has gone into it. Items that are, themselves, a work of art in fact.

So in homage to Yohji and indeed to jewelry designers everywhere, I have compiled my list of some of Boticca’s most artistic artisans.

An architectural background gave Orno Jewelry designer Carla Smiley the key inspiration for her highly distinguishable statement jewelry. Launching her first collection at the Society of the Technological Arts in Montreal, Carla draws inspiration from the elaborate geometrical patterns found in Moorish architecture, leading to wonderfully detailed and highly intricate pieces.

Describing her work as ‘wearable drawings’ Naomi McIntosh studied architecture before enrolling at the highly prestigious Central Saint Martins to complete an MA degree in Design. Using the body as a canvas, Naomi’s intricate creations are designed to synchronize with the body, outlining and reshaping the wearer’s profile.

When it comes to artistic endeavors, Jerome Olivet has got to take the lead. Not only is he a professor of prospective design but his works have been so inspiring they have found their way into Denmark’s, New York’s and Tokyo’s museums of modern art. His work for Boticca concentrates on reinventing leather goods to magnify the gesture and the movement of the human body.

Italian born Arosha Luigi Taglia has the rare ability to be able to add painter, sculptor, digital artist, furniture designer as well as of course, jewelry designer to his resume. Now living in Israel, his highly distinguishable designs can be characterized by their sculptural, sophisticated and contemporary look.

And that’s not all folks. From designer necklaces to designer earrings, if art is your thing, we have just the ticket here.

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