February 2012

Piece I Love – February 29th

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Handpicked by Kiyan

Pianeta by Camilla Teglio

I’m fan of Japanese culture and art so I cannot resist the work of Italian designer Camilla Teglio‘s collection, which features traditional Japanese paper patterns and techniques.


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Designer Interview – Antagoniste

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Angélique in her office

Angélique Robin is the designer behind Antagoniste, a collection of twill silk scarves in soft colors that invoke watercolor paintings. Each scarf is printed with dark designs: skulls, moths, and machines make frequent appearances on Antagoniste scarves. Angélique’s beautiful designs may have a sinister edge, but she is happily living her dream in Paris, creating striking scarves for women and men like her – people who find beauty in unexpected places. She cites antique engravings as her inspiration, and is particularly drawn to the 18th and 19th Centuries. We talk to Angélique to find out what drives her, why she compares herself to a hedgehog, and where we can find her in her beloved Paris.

Hello Angélique – can you please tell us a little more about yourself?

I studied art before working as a web designer for a garment brand and falling in love with fashion. Then I fulfilled my dream of coming to Paris. This town fascinated me for a long time, and now it’s inspiring me. I like everything to do with creation. I’ve liked putting things together since I was a child: creating things, painting, and drawing. My boyfriend helps me with Antagoniste.

When did you know you wanted to become a scarf designer?

When I got into fashion school, I began working with fabrics. Naturally, I went to silk, which became my fabric of choice. I drew, sewed, and painted on it. In parallel, I continued to draw on the computer. Then I was hired by a fashion company to create patterns for t-shirts. That’s when I began to draw with old engravings. Then I created “Birth“, the violet scarf. As a lover of scarves, I thought that I’d love to have it around my neck… Antagoniste was born!

Birth (Violet)


What brought the use of old engravings into your designs? What do you find so interesting about the 18th Century?

When I was a child, old engravings I found at my grandparents’ place enthralled me. They had old dictionaries and history books I could read for hours. They also had stuffed animals I was captivated by. This love of curio cabinets and old things never left me. I love history too: for me, all those things are connected. The 18th and 19th Centuries are two riveting centuries in Europe. Fashion, the way of living, philosophy, literature, art, and even political affairs were rich and fascinating. 

How does the duality in your design express itself in your life? 

I can find beauty in things that can disgust people, to my mother’s great displeasure! Duality is also in my nature. I am like a hedgehog: protective on the outside and sweet inside. 

Angélique's Inspiration


What types of materials do you use and why?

I use twill silk, the classic fabric used by famous brands for scarves. The visual quality, softness, and shine are amazing. It’s also very classical, and I love the contrast that it gives with my designs. 

What were the challenges in setting up your brand and how did you overcome them? 

I had to convince the banks to take a chance on me, because I did not have much money. When I met my banker, she loved my drawings and she believed in me immediately! The biggest challenge was to discover and learn all the financial, marketing and management things I had ignored till that moment. Finding someone in France that could print numerically on silk with high quality was also difficult. I tried three suppliers before I found the perfect one.

Moodboard (1)

Close-up Octopus Trap Scarf


Can you please tell us about the design process of your scarves?

I start by searching for old engravings in books and on the Internet. Then I try to find stories, inspired by pictures, art, and literature. I choose my color range. I sketch each scarf, and write about it, to make sure I follow the idea I have in my mind. Then there is computer work for colors and engravings, the mix and harmonization. 

Moodboard (2)


Who is the Antagoniste woman? And who is the Antagoniste man?

Antagoniste people like to reinvent themselves and twist their style with details that make all the difference. They can be classic people, or rock ‘n’ roll people who wear these classical scarves to create contrast in their looks. An Antagoniste person can be a young lady or an older dandy. 

Are you more poetic or rock ‘n’ roll?

I’m a good mix between both!   

What parts of Paris do you prefer spending time in and why?

It sounds like a cliché, but I love wandering in Montmartre, sitting at a table outside a café, having a drink of wine… Montmartre is so calm; it’s like a village outside the city. I also love the Shakespeare & Company library (in the Saint-Michel area), with its comfy chairs and very old English books. 

12 Monkeys Nightmare, Pocket Squared


What are your favorite shops in Paris?

The Etienne Marcel district is full of creators and little fashion shops. I love La Cour, and I’m glad that Antagoniste is sold there! In the area, you can also find famous brands. A lot of press offices and creative fashion offices are there, too – there is a big fashion emulsion in this district!

Birth, Scarf for men


What is your favorite place to eat in Paris?

My favorite place is an old-fashioned brasserie in Montmartre. It’s called Autour du Moulin, and it’s just under the famous Moulin de la Galette. There are Toulouse-Lautrec paintings on the walls, and it makes you feel like you are at the beginning of the 20th Century. It’s a simple and relaxing place to meet friends and eat French food.

See more by Antagoniste.



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Top 8 this week – 28th of February

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Tiger Skin Cuff St Petersburg Necklace - as seen on Leighton Meest Pera earrings Olivia Rose ring (Yellow) Gemma Redux Jac Necklace Ferero Knuckle Ring Asymmetric black clutch -as seen on Jennifer Lopez Little Branch Headband (50401)

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Red Carpet Fashion at the Oscars

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Hollywood’s biggest stars were out in full force for last night’s Oscars. But we think some of our favorite stars could use a little help with their accessories – we’d love to see them wearing pieces from Boticca’s talented designers. We’ve selected new Oscar red carpet looks for Best Actress winner Meryl Streep, Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara, presenter Natalie Portman, and the red carpet’s reigning queen, Angelina Jolie. Which red carpet star is your favorite?

Meryl Streep was dressed to win last night – her gorgeous gold Lanvin gown was a showstopper that matched the Oscar statue perfectly. But Meryl tends to play it safe when it comes to accessories, so we’d like to see her do something a little different. We’d recommend she switch out her earrings for the more original Carousel Earrings by Arosha Luigi Taglia. We’d also like to see her carrying Dareen Hakim’s Le Icon Black Python Clutch. Maybe now that Meryl is a three-time Oscar winner, she’ll take a few more chances with her style.

Between her red carpet style and her brave humanitarian works, Angelina Jolie can do no wrong. Yet we think this A-lister could have gone a bit bigger with her accessories. We think she should mix classic earrings, like Paula Mendoza’s Roble Earrings, with a rebellious cuff, like Chic Jewel Couture’s Crushed Cuff Bracelet. Angelina, are you listening?

Rooney Mara is Hollywood’s hottest young star. After playing Lisbeth Salander in the American adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Rooney seemed to take on Lisbeth’s bad-girl style. So we were disappointed to see that she went accessory-free at the Oscars. We think her winter-white Givenchy gown would have benefitted from some Boticca hardware, like Gisele Ganne’s Mourning Ring and Eina Ahluwalia’s 3D ‘Trishul’ Earrings.

In 2011, Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her performance in Black Swan, but she didn’t look like a winner last night. Her vintage Dior gown could have used a little something extra. We wish Natalie had paired her Dior gown with Here Comes the Bride, Orchira’s modern approach to the pearl necklace. The Goddess Emerald Bracelet by Nikki Baker would be the perfect finishing touch.

Dareen Hakim Arosha Paula Mendoza Crushed Cuff Eina Giselle Ganne Orchira Nikki Baker

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Hollywood’s Favorite Designers

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When celebrities need to look their best, they turn to Boticca’s emerging designers. Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Blake Lively, and Cameron Diaz are among the stars who support our spectacular designers. Find out which designers are Hollywood favorites

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Piece I Love – February 27th

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Handpicked by Sophia

Large Infinity friendship bracelet in TEAL by BijouxBar

Not my usual style or colour as I tend to stick to gold and black, but this large silver infinity ring has totally won me over. The colour is gorgeous for the summer!

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Piece I Love – February 24th

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Handpicked by Nathalie

Wings to Fly, Scarf - gold, yellow, orange scarf by Kish & Evie Goodness

A beautiful piece, I love that the name of this silk scarf, ‘wings to fly’ is inspired by the musings of the amazing Frida Kahlo.

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Fresh Talent Alert – February 23rd

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Another week, another influx of amazingly creative and unique independent designers for Boticca.


EABurns produces affordable, sustainable jewelry inspired by everything from architecture to science. Using high-impact colors and metal embellishments, Burns turns reclaimed leather into unforgettable statement pieces.

Danielle Foster

Designer Danielle Foster creates luxurious leather handbags in her small London studio. 1940s erotica and bondage inspire Foster’s designs, but her equestrian handbags are perfect for everyone.

Paola Peres Complementos

Mexican designer Paola Peres believes that what’s on the inside is just as important as what is on the outside. That’s why she pays special attention to both the interior and exterior of each of her bold leather handbags and belts, making each piece an item to be treasured.

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Stylist to the Stars: Alex Longmore

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Alex Longmore spends her days styling celebrities and running London’s Style School, but when she’s just dressing herself, bold accessories are key. Alex collects jewelry from all over the world, so she’s an ideal Boticca curator. See the pieces Alex chose here.

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Red Carpet Style at the Brit Awards

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Last night’s Brit Awards were a fun celebration of British music, but we were more interested in the accessories on the red carpet. While most of the stars looked fine, we think a few of our favorite celebrities could increase their cool factor by wearing pieces from Boticca’s emerging designers. We have a few suggestions for some of last night’s stars: Adele, Lana Del Rey, and Pixie Lott.

Suzanna Dai Eina Ahluwalia Dareen Hakim Wilbur&Gussie Sultan Imogen

Lana Del Rey is still a newcomer, so we expected her to try to make a splash last night. Though we loved her red gown, we think she needed to add a bold pair of earrings to make her look more memorable. We’d suggest Eina Ahluwalia’s 16th Century Saxon Knife Inspired Earrings, or Suzanna Dai’s Windsor Drop Earrings

British pop princess Pixie Lott always looks cute on the red carpet, but she tends to play it safe. We think Pixie should ditch her plain red bag and use either Dareen Hakim’s Le Beiruti Caviar Gold Clutch or Wilbur & Gussie’s Edith Gold Weave Clutch instead.

Adele’s performance was a smashing success, and she took home two Brit Awards last night. We love Adele’s hair and makeup, but her right hand is driving us crazy – why is it so bare? We’d love to see Adele wearing the either vintage Sultan Ring From Ista Design by Mevesh, or the Celestial Ring by Imogen Belfield.

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