October 2010

Every Fashionista’s Worst Nightmare: Happy Halloween!

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Every Fashionista's worst nightmare

So I was feeling a little inspired with the Halloween weekend coming up and decided to put together a little Polyvore set for you all.

It’s every fashionista’s worst nightmare: getting caught wearing the same thing as everybody else, making you look monotone and bland. So inject a little warm blood into your look with the Drippings necklace and Candle wax ring by Jung Ee Eun, as well as the Skull studded rose ring by Leila Kashanipour.

Happy Halloween everybody! Stay gorgeous… and alive! *(sinister laugh)* – Chiara

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Strange Little Things, Boticca’s own playlist of independent artists by Museradio

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When suffering Top 40 fatigue, or embarrassed by our ‘Most Played’ on iTunes, we wish we had an achingly hip friend to send a playlist of unknown but awesome artists our way. Well now, thanks to girls-in–the-know Lilly & Olivia and their creation museradio.fm, you’ll never be shamed by your iPod again. (more…)

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Video Product Review: Krista R

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The whole team remembers very well the day we received samples from Krista R in the office. Why? We all had to stop working for nearly 20 minutes in awe and admiration of her pieces!

Krista is influenced by the historical costumes, ball gowns and accessories of past centuries, Pre-Raphaelite paintings and the colors of nature.  One glance is enough to realise the sheer effort and time she took in crafting each of these one-of-a-kind treasures.

In this video, Lauren takes a closer look at the Poems of Rose cuff, the Orchid and Remains of the Day necklaces (even the names are mesmerizing!).

What do you think of Krista’s work?

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Edgy London

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Forget stuffy country style and a stiff upper lip –the English are known for their eclectic dress sense. In London, anything goes – from Fashion Week to Shoreditch street style, this is one fashion capital that always pushes the envelope. The city spawned iconic looks from Punk to Sixties chic, and London’s top flight fashion schools have nurtured some of the world’s greatest fashion designers. This week, our focus on up-and-coming London designers proves that the city creates trends, and never follows.

Zelia Horsley

Zelia’s magpie-esque gems have serious rock star credentials – her pieces have been worn by Radio presenter Edith Bowman, ‘Editors’ guitarist Chris Urbanowicz and have even been worn on stage by ‘REM’ lead singer Michael Stipe. After studying at Middlesex University, Zelia worked in the studios of Kirt Holmes and Simon Harrison, creating pieces for two brands synonymous with London cool – Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur. Now in her own studio, Zelia creates dramatic pieces using coloured resin enamels and beautiful Swarovski crystal, which have been snapped up by London boutiques in the know.


This man of mystery is also a man of many talents. When he’s not creating so-hip-it-hurts belts and rings, this travelling troubadour turns his hand to writing poetry and music. The rock star influence can be seen in his use of tough materials and skull motifs.

Leila Kashanipour

The designer formerly known as ‘Lei Van Kash’ has only just graduated from Central St. Martins, but has already amassed a wealth of clients worldwide. A mix of boho chic and London cool, every piece is bespoke. She describes her jewelry as being for “real women who dare” – we think her statement rings and uber-cool skull collection were made for London It Girls.

You can watch a video review of some of Leila’s rings here.

Heidi Mottram

Honing her craft in top fashion schools Central St Martins and the London College of Fashion, Heidi Mottram worked with designers Vivienne Westwood and Matthew Williamson before deciding go solo with her own range of accessories in 2007. A specialist in eel skin, her touchable bags are oh-so-soft, and come in a rainbow of colours.

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Video product review: Leila Kashanipour

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Leila Kashanipour (formerly known as Lei Van Kash) is a recent Central Saint Martins graduate who likes to make bold, statement pieces with strong sensual elegance and a nod to her Persian roots.

Lauren, our fashion writer, takes a closer a look at several of her rings.

The rings featured in the video are the Chandelier Labrodite Ring, the Rose Ring and the Skull Studded Rose Ring.

Let us know what you think of Leila’s work in the comments!

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Caped Crusader

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Who ever thought we’d be taking style tips from Batman this winter? Every fashionista worth her salt knows that a cape is the coolest cover up for now.

Whether cute and cosy in fluffy sheepskin at Celine, or sexed up in slick black leather at Givenchy, the catwalks were a sleeve free zone for Autumn/Winter 2010.

So do you dare to wear this season’s hottest trend? Take it from Bruce Wayne – the cape is a style superhero. Practical (experience the joy of being ‘hands free’), cosy (but not stiflingly warm), and surprisingly wearable (throw one on, and you’ve got an instant style update), a cape cuts an impressive silhouette.

But with the cape all over the high street, how do you stand out in a sea of on-trend outerwear?

The best way to add oomph to outerwear is to accessorize – and what better way to decorate a cape than with a beautiful brooch?

Whether you go for an abstract modern design, or work the Victoriana trend with an ornate antique piece, a brooch is the easiest way to add a personal touch to outerwear (and anything else in your wardrobe that needs some sparkle).

Here’s how we’ll be styling our capes this winter – starring some unique brooches found on Boticca.

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Designer Interview: Nina Egli from Circe and Toujours Toi

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At Boticca, we select our designers not only because they create beautiful accessories, but because there is a story behind every piece. All the jewelry, bags and accessories you see on Boticca have been inspired by a designer’s personal experiences and discoveries – by their own journey.

It’s a story we want to share, so every week we will be interviewing one of our designers. It’s a chance for you to get a closer look into their world, to connect with them, get inspired, and meet the amazing people behind the pieces we fall in love with.

Our first interview is with Nina Egli, the talented designer behind emerging brands Toujours Toi and Circe based in New York, United States. We interviewed Nina to find out more about her background, inspirations, collection and future plans. (more…)

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Celebrities style themselves on Boticca

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We’re not the only ones who love our unique community of designers – stylish celebrities from Leighton Meester to Lo Bosworth have been snapped wearing Boticca designs. Whether working the red carpet or off-duty, we love that some celebrities (and their stylists) are choosing to support up-and-coming designers, especially when they could get a piece from a luxury goods house at the drop of a hat!

You may not have the LA lifestyle, but there’s no reason why you can’t channel an A-list look. Just take your pick from the designer pieces featured here. We can’t promise you’ll get papped, but you’ll certainly be a style star in our eyes!

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Multiple Designers, 1 Question

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Our designers are as unique as the pieces they create. Each one of them has their own take on accessories design and their own interpretation of fashion trends.

So we decided to ask a handful of designers (all from different backgrounds, and with different specialisms) the same question to see how they would respond.

The question we asked was: If you had to imagine a fashion accessories collection for the year 2020 now, what would it look like and where would you find your inspiration? (Thank you to Facebook fan Elizabeth Belinskaya for the suggestion) (more…)

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Designer Curation: What we look for

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At Boticca, we take great pride in our designer curation process, which is a big (if not THE biggest) part of what makes us stand out in the online fashion world.

We’re on a constant style hunt, but sourcing only the very best. We hand-pick the world’s most talented and inspiring independent designers of unique, exquisite fashion accessories – then we conveniently put them all in one place, so they’re even easier for you to discover!

So forget about trawling the web for hours, window-shopping or travelling to far-off places. On Boticca, you’re guaranteed a unique, quality piece that none of your friends, family and co-workers will have. You’ll never suffer from style envy again!

But what makes a Boticca-worthy designer? And how do we ensure every designer produces distinct (and high quality) jewelry, bags and accessories? (more…)

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