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For Blind Spot designer János Varga, jewelry is much more than an adornment – it is a way to connect with others. The Hungarian-born designer spent a few years living in England, but struggled with the language, so jewelry became his form of communication. Now, Janos uses metal working techniques to forge extraordinary jewelry that is beautiful, yet raw. “I am inspired by metal objects consumed by use,” János says. “Like a door knocker after a million guests.” He loves knowing that his sold pieces get to travel the world but recently, he decided to do something closer to home: he designed and made a beautiful fountain for his adopted village in Italy. “It won’t travel like my jewels, but people will go there to get water and have a look at it.” With a wish to share and loads of talent, János is one of the world’s best independent designers. Learn more about what inspires his work, and don’t miss his stunning collection.

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