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Campo Ligure, Italy Campo Ligure, Italy

new wedding ring from mixed metals!

The Story

I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1976. I graduated as an agronomist in 2002. When I was living in my country, my passion was animal breeding and ethnography. I did a 10 years long research on the ethnomedicine of animals, involving wonderful, exciting journeys in Transylvania, Ukraine and the Hungarian countryside. The time I spent working with peasants and shepherds made a deep impact on me: the wisdom of those people, the way they work materials, the way they face the life.

First of all I learnt: there are no "simple people". We are all bloody complicated. And... the most beautiful finish on metal is the one a shiny scythe has at the end of the summer. Then I left Hungary for England where I lived for nearly 3 years, this is where I started to make jewellery. As I spoke very bad English, jewellery become the way of expressing myself. Starting a new life I become a farm worker, later cheese maker. Searching for my home I left England and I emigrated to Italy. Here I started again from the beginning, without the knowledge of the language, place. I worked for two years as a goat herder, forest worker when finally I managed to become a full time jeweller. I have my own workshop in a small village in the mountains near to Genoa. In my jewellery I recall desire and power. I want to give you the same feeling, like the little child feels, when he buckles on his plastic sword, and he thinks that he is powerful. That is a serious thing! It is natural, and we never outgrow it, at best we might deny it. But we are big guys/girls now, we are not allowed to do that anymore... Still, art often gives you similar power just simply with colors, shapes, voices. If you can wear these artifacts, I call them amulets, that power will stay with you all the day, every day.

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János Gábor Varga is a fascinating man to say the least. He's been an agronomist, forest worker, goatherd, milker and cheesemaker among other things. It is through these experiences that somehow,…
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For Blind Spot designer János Varga, jewelry is much more than an adornment – it is a way to connect with others. The Hungarian-born designer spent a few years living in England, but struggled with...
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