Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

The Story

God turned yearning and sorrow of my soul into art and passion. As if I was guided by Him to illuminate and enlighten the hearts of people with His beauty. My name is Michaela Paštrnáková. I am professional scenographer and designer of ornaments and jewellery. I started to experiment with these designs during my studies, at The Theater Faculty in Bratislava. Presently I devote all my spare time for creation of my own unique jewellery range.

The source of my art comes from the deepest core of my existence. Those are sacred moments, when I pick up the brush and gently draw the delicate patterns. It is a very spiritual experience that cannot be described by words. Through the metaphysical communion of colours and design I acknowledge to myself and to the whole world that there is something pure and divine. This divinity is part of each and everyone of us. Design “Beloved” is inspired by the faith in God. It is addressed to every woman who is longing to seek the truth, to be touched by the beauty within herself and who wants to be transformed by it. Each unique piece is an icon of womanhood, containing magical colours and shapes with the utmost attention to detail. The expression of love, hope, sensuality, and sensitivity is mixed with the finesse and elements of various cultures from across the globe. It empowers woman to celebrate their own individual beauty and to be proud of it.

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