Aurelie Dellasanta

London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

The Story

I have been working as a freelance jewellery designer for the past ten years, and I remember being attracted to jewellery since my childhood. I grew up at the Swiss-French border where I graduated from the High School of Art and Design of Geneva. After my education, I travelled a lot in Asia, Mexico, and Canada among other countries, to train at local jewellery workshops, where I had the opportunity to discover other cultures.

I then moved to London where I completed my MA in jewellery design at the Royal College of Art. This place offered me a great opportunity to work in other media than I was used to, such as creating interactive installations, videos, performances. My jewels are deeply inspired by these experiences. They transmit my feelings and critical views about our contemporary world. Death, misery, consumption, religion and the ephemeral are recurrent themes present in my work.

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