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The Story

I was born 34 years ago in a small town called Holon.
From a young age, I was exposed to fashion, my mother worked in the fashion industry for the majority of her adult life, and I remember that I used to sit on her lap when she was sewing which, in retrospect, had a big influence on me and my relationship with fashion.
When I turned 21 I went on a soul searching journey in hopes of finding my direction.

I traveled to South America and then New York, but it wasn’t until San Francisco where I bought my first SLR camera, that I finally found a passion, the passion to photograph. I taught myself everything about photography using roll after roll of film (yes, it wasn’t digital, yet).
On my return home I took a photography class where the teacher encouraged me to consider applying to an art school. That was a turning point as I never had drawn, painted or designed anything before; I took on a private instructor to start working on my portfolio, and as I made progress my talent started to reveal itself.
I applied to Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem for both the photography and graphic design departments and was accepted for both, and then I made my decision to study graphic design.
Since then, I now live and breathe design. Creativity is a way of life and everything is an inspiration, which I transform into a piece of art. My transition from graphic design to accessories came naturally, as I believe that once you are mastering the fundamentals of design you can design anything!
My brand is called “Assemblage – Unique every day” and that is the motto and concept behind my brand. Fashion is a declaration and to have your style is to make a fashionable statement, to stand out, be unique. I aspire to create capsule and limited edition collections not only to reflect my many creative ideas but also to give my customers the chance to be unique, noticeable and to stand out.

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For AssemblageUnique designer Dikla Levi-Harel, nothing is more important than originality. “Be unique every day,” is her brand motto and it is easy to see why. Dikla is a free spirit at heart, happy…
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