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The Story

artillerylane aims to create a line of accessories that merges some of the most innovative aspects of today's trends with the best Italian traditions. The result is an item that was entirely handmade in Italy. The beautifully handmade finished details are a cornerstone of our brand.
The key element in our attention to details is the material selection, especially the use of leather and hide, a choice that shows how artillerylane combines an innovative design with the Italian traditions.

These raw materials are hand-tooled with skill and passion, which expresses the craftsmanship that the buyer could see in the small irregularities that are undeniable proofs of the work of an artisan.
This unique product was created for those who feel the need for a design that is new and original and yet, follows timeless values.artillerylane was founded at the end of 2009 by three young men: Michea, who was then 19, Daniele and Niccolò, who were 20. A short preamble to make clear that artillerylane grows and evolves with its founders.
The cornerstone of each collection is the harmony between fabric and leather to create every time new combinations of colours, shapes and materials. Italian names are given to the different items to emphasize their design and peculiarities: Vortice, Freccia, Stringa, Croata, Circolo, Giunco, Svolta and biVio. Names that stress that each item is made in Italy. Even better, each item is handmade in Italy.
This brand was born and developed in an in-house design studio, the same studio where new shapes and new material combinations are still tested today.
Our leather goods line was created in collaboration with the Danish designer Nalle Pedersen. It combines an even more minimalistic design with the values on which our brand is based. This new line of items joins perfectly with our core business, the scarves.
Our scarves and our new leather goods reflect the values on which our project was created: a refined design, beautifully finished details and the taste for an authentic brand that comes from a limited production, and is different every time.

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