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The Story

Artessorio celebrates the sensuality and elegance of modern and unconventional women with a flair for art and design. This is how our brand name “Artessorio" came into being:
Arte & Accessorio. Artessorio exudes charm, authenticity and a new freshness with coloured, natural, poetic creations. Using pattern and illustration art, Artessorio create accessories that are distinctively different, for women who are always questing for originality.

Coupled with top quality leather and sophisticated craftsmanship, the brand offers accessories and handbags with a unique sense of style and quality.Artessorio is also a story of friendship and two experts (Patray & Vincci) working together in harmony. Vincci is a leather accessory production expert with a detailed understanding of tailoring techniques and materials; Patray is a designer/art director educated in Italy, with years of design experience in Europe. The story started in 2009 while they were conceiving the brand of Artessorio. Today they make that dream a reality.

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