Arosha Luigi Taglia

Nesher, Israel Nesher, Israel

September brings many new stunning jewels from our rich Coral collection - Stay tuned!

The Story

I am a visual and eclectic Italian artist and designer. I was born and raised in Turin, where I graduated from the renowned School of Design & Applied Arts, and where I lived and worked. Three years ago during a travel in India I met the woman who became my wife and l moved to Israel to live with her and her daughter.

I worked as a painter, a sculptor, digital and video artist and furniture designer before finding my true passion of jewelry which allows me to unite creativity, technique and innovation at the best level. I would say that my professional background has definitely influenced my design style, as the way I look at a jewel is totally the same way I create a sculpture or the way I paint a canvas. I look for a special balance in shape and colors and with my jewelry I always have two key factors in mind: comfort and price. Comfort because it is easy to create a beautiful piece but not so easy to create a beautiful and comfortable piece and secondly price. I want my collections to remain affordable without compromising on creativity or quality. I would definitely define my style as contemporary and this is, without a doubt, influenced by my family. My father was, in his better periods, a contemporary art collector and I grew up in a house where I could see Burri and Balla and Kandinsky on the walls. At the end of the day, mine is a family business as my wife works on the marketing side. Not many people would be able to live together and work together but we manage with a lot of love and regular pauses to get back our identity and independence!

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Arosha Luigi Taglia is a versatile man. Jewelry designer, sculptor, painter, home decor designer and digital artist - he is quite the jack of all trades! We had the pleasure of interviewing Arosha…
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