Arlette Ess

London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

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The Story

Arlette Ess creates prints and accessories crafted from finest materials. She imagines the accessory as a very personal object to which we can relate to with our own experiences and dreams, a cherished adornment which tells stories of our own imagination. "I've always been fascinated by our innate ability to create meaning and weave stories around things. My designs are inspired by elements of our collective cultural identity, reflecting on who we are and where we come from.

I'm interested in subjects with strong symbolic properties, particularly susceptible to multiple layers of interpretation and association. The implication of emotions and of aspects of our own identity can transform an object into a very personal and talismanic item.
We are all interconnected through experience, image and myth." Arlette's background is fashion and graphic design. After spending some years in the fashion industry, she completed a BA in Graphics at Camberwell College of Arts in London, and worked at Alexander McQueen for a season designing prints.
Originally from Switzerland, she has spent a few years in Paris and some time in New York, before coming to London, where she now considers herself at home.Her chosen materials are luxurious and sometimes unusual, and everything is produced with care in small enterprises, mainly in the UK.
"I believe that an item made with passion and dedication is a different product to a product made in a context of hardship and dissatisfaction, even if it may look the same. Besides this slightly animistic point of view, this choice is of course important as one of many ways we can influence the world around us."

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Designer spotlight

Illustrator Arlette Ess creates extraordinary, multi-dimensional prints and objects. Her scarves feature vivid illustrations of animals. Her illustrations are realized in stunning detail – mink all but...
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