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León, Mexico León, Mexico

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The Story

Martha Gómez and I, Marisa Collado, launched our collection about eighteen months ago when we began working with a community of migrant, indigenous artisans from the state of Oaxaca located in the south of Mexico. These migrant artisans had relocated to the city of León in central Mexico, seeking employment. Both Martha and I are graphic designers.

From the beginning we were interested in the creation of a line of products that honored the ancient tradition of palm weaving that, to this day, is part of the artistic heritage of the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca. Our goal was to assist this group of migrant artisans to improve their living conditions as well as preserve their endangered traditional artisanal techniques. Our project is growing. Now we have an organized group of indigenous palm weavers in the Oaxacan mountains. The artisans weave the palm parts of our products in their own communities and send them to us in León, where we manufacture the handbags. They don´t have to leave their own homeland in order to have a job.

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Mexican designers Martha Gómez and Marisa Collado spent most of their careers working in advertising and academia before a love for their country’s traditions led them to handbag design. Inspired by…
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