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The Story

ARA is a new brand of contemporary Korean jewelry, our aim is to design functional jewelry inspired by Korean Norigae.

Norigae was a traditional pendant worn by women in the Korean Joseon Dynasty. During the 3 kingdom period (from 57 B.C to 668 A.D.), it was traditionally worn over the Hanbok (Korean traditional female dress) attached to a long upper jacket ribbon tied on the wrist. The various designs expressed everything from well wishes to ancestral wisdom.

The central object was exquisitely made of various materials and level of quality depended on the rank and dignity of the wearer. In Korean
contemporary fashion, Norigae has been replaced by the common jewelry we know today. There have been recent attempts to produce versions of Norigae, but they simply keep old forms and lose meaning and aesthetic value. All of them fall short of communicating the meaning of these objects in a truly modern style. We at ara feel that there is an opportunity to design jewelry inspired by the rich aesthetics and tradition of Norigae.

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