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Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania

The Story

My name is Anca Irina Lefter.I was born in the spactacular Danube Delta.My father is a jazz player and an theatre actor and my mother a chimist.My parents had artists in the house each week playing jam session , talking poetry and psihology while i was painting and scratching the walls.My mother got me to the first descorative art class when i was 2 years and a half .I tried ballet, piano, chess and others but nothing gave me the energy of the colors .

I painted until i was 18 years, and at 15 years i moved to the capital to study Mural Arts in "Nicolae Tonitza" High School and after i decided to change and make the Business School and work in sales. After six years of banking and real-estate i realised i want to life the life of an artist. So i start painting again and i went to the beautiful Barcelona to study in Instituto Europeo di Design "Accessories Design".There my life changed, i had a revelation, i realised i can combine textures with colours and forms like painting three dimensional.I created there my first collection named "La Mer" inspired after Brigitte Bardot and the sea ,made with natural elements shells, pearls, crystals, natural silk and leather.I send a letter to Tara McDonald and ask her to be my musa and she said yes so i started to travel for unique natural elements to create something special for her. I realised i love to do this is so much fun i came with the idee of the collection called "The Diamond Game" is a childhood game i was playing . The liked the ideea so i tried to make more of it.My love piece is called "Papillon "and it was created specialy for the concert of italian pianist Giuseppe Devastato in Rome where i had my paintings also.My inspiration was the piano,black and white like the lines of the piano and red the simbol of feminity and passion.Papillon is the symbol of class and elegance for me and beacuse i coudn't wear it i put it on the bag, if you look at the bag from one side is a collar with a papillon.One ot the paintings "The Dreamway " becomed the face of his album "Neapolitan Masters'.I took all the magazines and sent the picture of "Papillon' and i got surprised when 17 of then published my picture.So i started to create more collections.I love to work with different people as Dj's like David Guetta and Bill Patrick and lawyers. Is a chellange for me.All the pieces are unique and hand made.

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