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The Story

The brand Alienina was created in 2008 by designer Eliana Venier. The philosophy of the project is giving a new function and aesthetic value to the everyday object and materials and extending their lifespan. The materials used for alienina jewellery are sailing and mountain climbing cords, wicks for oil lamps, resin commonly used in car parts, fabric and straps used for blinds. All the materials are production waste, washable and non-toxic.

The process of creating alienina necklaces always starts from the material. The designer is constantly looking for production scraps in all corners of the world, the ones that she falls in love with inspire her creative experiments. The materials are what inspires the forms that are realised as the end result. That way the creative process is absolutely free and always brings the unexpected. Each piece is hand-made and thus unique. Although each model may come in large quantities, there are no two identical pieces among them. The techniques are inspired by old traditional crafts, which the designer interprets the contemporary way.

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Eliana Venier, the Italian designer behind alienina, uses everyday objects to create her unique necklaces. Venier is a true original, a woman who left the mainstream fashion industry to spend more time…
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