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Bristol, United Kingdom Bristol, United Kingdom

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The Story

I create jewellery that is luxurious and bold, and my trademark designs are intricate, timeless pieces with an industrial edge. After gaining a first class BA Hons degree at Middlesex University in contemporary jewellery design I went travelling around the globe and spent time with the Yao Mien hill tribe in Northern Thailand. I was greatly inspired by their body adornment, which represented a family's wealth, and wanted to recreate this chainmail inspired effect within my pieces.

I translate this tribal influence alongside my love of good old-fashioned vintage glamour into my design inspirations. I also enjoy exploring the boundaries between jewellery, clothing and body adornment as many of my pieces are adjustable or versatile and can be worn in different ways. My techniques initially investigated ways of joining metals without soldering. I now silver and gold plate everyday objects such as nuts, washers, zips and bolts, which I combine with suede, Lycra and chain. The combination of contrasting materials used in my designs creates pieces that are bold yet intricate, and industrial whilst still luxurious and feminine. I want the women who wear my pieces to feel glamorous, strong, sexy, and empowered by wearing a unique piece of my work.

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Designer spotlight

Alice Menter’s genius is in turning stark industrial materials into glamorous, feminine jewelry. “I was initially inspired by my travels in northern Thailand,” Alice says. “Looking at the jewelry...
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